Traducción de renegade en Español:


renegado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛnəˌɡeɪd//ˈrɛnɪɡeɪd/


  • 1

    renegado masculino
    renegada femenino


  • 1

    (communist/soldier) renegado
    • China regards Taiwan as a renegade province and seeks to isolate it diplomatically.
    • Each tactical mission you complete gains insight into the greater objectives of the renegade faction of this global energy consortium.
    • The renegade commander had returned to a small village in the middle of an opium-growing area and had taken up residence with up to 300 gun-toting supporters.
    • The experience of the war on drugs suggests that if he is killed, another renegade warlord is likely to take his place and that even greater regional - even global - instability may result.
    • The controversy follows close on the heels of the FY99 Appropriations Bill Report which noted China was increasing its readiness and ability to take back what China considers to be the renegade province.
    • In El Salvador in the 1980s, 55 special forces troops beat back a guerrilla insurgency while gradually integrating renegade militias into a newly professionalized national army.
    • The so-called ‘janjaweed,’ to which news reports refer, are a renegade element of the Popular Defense Force.
    • I mean, he's not perfect, he does not have 100 percent control over these renegade terrorists, but he does have some respect in the Middle East.
    • He worried about thieves and renegade soldiers but none crossed his path as he galloped boldly through woods and desert.
    • Soon, however, that report was shot down, and the standoff, pitting a renegade cleric against the powers that be, was right back where it began.
    • The rioters blame the 10,800-strong UN force in Congo for failing to stop Wednesday's capture of the eastern border city of Bukavu by renegade commanders once allied with neighbouring Rwanda.
    • And for us to say it's just a few renegade soldiers, listen, I know that those were the ones on the photographs, but there were others who were derelict in their duty.
    • Parents panic and one renegade cop goes berserk, in footage that is clearly recalling the riots of the previous decade and a half, from Watts to Kent State.
    • But a Shiah leader said the attackers may have been renegade tribal factions from within the Shiah community.
    • The tour has apparently upset China, which claims Taiwan as a renegade province.
    • After fighting a successful duel with a local drunken bully, the man earns the reputation of being a terrifying warrior and is ordered by his lord to execute a renegade samurai.
    • There was no claim of responsibility, but renegade groups in one militia have said they will not observe the truce.
    • He has been claiming that such mass killings are the handiwork of the security forces themselves directly or through the renegade militants under control of official agencies.
    • To this end, he has assembled not only his amazing array of weapons and inventions, but also a small army who serve as his renegade security force and ship's crew.
    • Renegade warlords and militants now control much of the main island of Guadalcanal.