Traducción de renew en Español:


renovar, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈn(j)u//rɪˈnjuː/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (hope/enthusiasm/interest) renovar
    • Towns like Celebration do nothing to renew existing urban centers; instead, they create alternatives for rich folks.
    • Favorite activities will renew your spirit as well as your body; do them even if you only find time on weekends.
    • The government has recently renewed its commitment to improving the health care of prisoners.
    • A period as the only large opposition party could give Fine Gael the opportunity to renew itself and fight the next election against a Labour Party coming out of government.
    • Feeling his strength renewed he cast aside his staff and walked steadily upon lush, green grass.
    • Since becoming Congress President in 1998 she has worked hard to renew the party, campaigning in three General Elections to help bring it back to power.
    • These are the individuals whom will continue to renew our organization.
    • Our strength renewed, I ground the almonds along with the sugar and combined that mixture with flour.
    • All of them had felt invigorated and renewed when they left the cave.
    • The objective of a biodynamic farm is to be self-sustaining as well as to continually renew the soil.
    • The intelligent reasoning of this young person renews me with fresh hope for the future of this planet.
    • Prune plants to regulate size, renew growth, develop plant form and orient branches and remove dead wood.
    • They rushed back to fight, with furor and strength renewed.
    • David's anger starts to renew itself as he continues to comprehend the situation fully.
    • Certification is a challenge for us to learn what we do not know and to continually upgrade and renew our skills.
    • Downslope, a patch of creeping red fescue grows naturally, requiring mowing just once or twice a year to renew growth.
    • When you let go of the past, you will experience increased self-esteem and renewed optimism.
    • Let us begin an era of national renewal, let us renew our determination, our courage and our strength and let us renew our faith and our hope.
    • The sight of that desecration was enough to renew my long-forgotten vows of vegetarianism.
    • Also, Congress has repeatedly favored importing cheaper foreign drugs as a way to renew price competition in the US drug market, the most expensive in the world.
  • 2

    (lease/subscription/passport) renovar
    (library book) renovar
    • Does this still hold good if the agreement is renewed?
    • They achieved such fame that the regime could no longer tolerate the challenge and summoned band members to renew their work licences, a process that involved fronting a panel of hostile comrades.
    • Rents were raised by 15 to 20 per cent at several stores when the leases were renewed recently.
    • The insurer told her and her partners that it would not renew their contract.
    • The software will come with a three-year licence which will be renewed annually for free thereafter.
    • Instead, he renews the arrangements created in the 1970s for Childe's texts.
    • So, they fired me, or, they didn't renew my contract.
    • Since then, the contract has been renewed for another five years until 2010.
    • Why were his gun licences continually renewed when even police officers expressed doubts over his fitness?
    • Whether new members renew their memberships is related directly to how well they are satisfied.
    • Bartman has signed a one-year contract with an option to renew at the end of the season.
    • If you have an outstanding policy it should be renewed automatically until you are 75.
    • Members who renewed online last year can simply enter their current password.
    • Thanks to al members who already have renewed their membership.
    • Bismarck's successors, for a whole complex of reasons, failed to renew the treaty with Russia, thus leaving her available as an ally for France.
    • Currently proposals to renew such arrangements between the U.S. and Mexico are very much in the air.
    • After the nine years are up, owners can choose to renew their arrangement with the developers or opt to use the unit themselves.
    • Provincial and federal governments were required to take back the student loan programs last year when the banks did not renew their agreement with government to manage student loans.
    • Canada has struggled for three years to renew a harvest-limit agreement with the U.S.
    • The group behind the venture are hoping that it will be renewed at the end of the current term.
  • 3

    (take up again)
    (promise/vow) renovar
    (attempts/efforts/friendship) reanudar
    they renewed their attack on the minister volvieron a arremeter contra el ministro
    • She recovered, insofar as it was possible to recover, renewed her studies, graduated from her first degree and embarked on a further degree.
    • In the early 1970s, informal attempts at settlement were renewed between the United Kingdom and the Rhodesian administration.
    • The resignations and ongoing conflicts with the Board of Governors were renewing the demands for the establishment of a student government.
    • So I will abandon straight away the idea of renewing the invitation.
    • The Irish Land League of 1879 renewed the campaign, organizing rent strikes and boycotts and resisting evictions.
    • The territory's federal justices, plainly intimidated, took no steps to indict anyone for the killings, and Hosmer went so far as to renew his praise of the vigilantes.
    • We were communicating fairly well and I was about to renew my questions as to how he came to be here when the sensor alert sounded.
    • But the sceptic's willingness to renew his challenge at every stage indicates that this is not the sort of answer he is looking for.
    • The offer was reportedly renewed during President Vladimir Putin's visit to India in December 2002.
    • And pushing away from themselves and the circle of wielders who had summoned them, each of the eight blazed off to renew the fight.
    • She would come by nightly and he'd renew his plea.
    • But Franco demurred and, to Hitler's irritation, renewed his territorial demands.
    • He recently renewed his call for casinos to be introduced in Bermuda.
    • They have appealed their convictions to this court and renewed their constitutional challenge.
    • The latter smirked, then renewed the fight in earnest.
    • The State Department tonight renewed its warning about the possibility of more al Qaeda attacks three years after the September 11 attack.
    • In addition, we must renew our coalition-building activities.
    • Earlier today, Tom Ridge renewed his warning that al Qaeda plans a large-scale attack to disrupt the democratic process.
    • Police in the Highlands yesterday renewed an appeal for help in identifying a holidaymaker who drowned in a river.
    • He therefore induced a public campaign to accuse Parliament of obstruction at a time of national danger (the British having renewed their activities in Tibet).
    • ‘Why not renew your invitation and take her to your house at the seaside?’ he said.
    • Institutional shareholders have more recently renewed a campaign for enhanced corporate governance.
    • Police today renewed their appeal for witnesses after post office robbers hijacked a driving test car.
    • However, he did not make a request of the Defendant, to access his property, nor did he renew his request for interlocutory injunctive relief.
    • As a result, Pakistan is renewing its longstanding request to buy at least two dozen F - 16s.
    • Sweden would somehow hold out without him, but when he returned in 1714 to renew his obsessive campaigns his officers would assassinate him to end the nation's suffering.
    • ‘We will begin a dialogue with the Israeli side to see if there is willingness to renew the process,’ he said.
    • Hall will renew his plea to suspend the city's recycling program, at least temporarily, at the council meeting on June 8.
    • Detectives investigating an indecent assault on a teenage girl in a village near York today renewed their appeal for information.
    • The attack prompted India to renew warnings about attacking Pakistan's terrorist bases.
  • 4renewed past participle

    (hope/interest) renovado
    (attempts/efforts) nuevo
    with renewed energy con renovadas energías
    • there have been renewed calls for an inquiry se ha vuelto a pedir que se lleve a cabo una investigación
    • renewed outbreaks of rioting nuevos brotes de disturbios