Traducción de renounce en Español:


renunciar a, v.

Pronunciación /rɪˈnaʊns//rəˈnaʊns/

verbo transitivo

  • 1formal

    (claim/title/right) renunciar a
    • She renounces her claim to the estate and chooses Felix.
    • Since these rights were renounced on divorce, a spouse should be entitled to a ‘more generous allocation’ of the total assets, which should be assessed at the date of trial, rather than separation.
    • Italy renounced all claims in 1947 and the country was declared independent by a UN resolution in 1951.
    • I want to I want to renounce my rights as heir.
    • He has never renounced his claim to the throne of a kingdom which no longer exists.
    • In Japan, he has also expressed his wish to renounce his U.S. citizenship.
    • In 1947, Italy signed the Treaty of Paris, renouncing all its colonial claims.
    • A bill is discharged if, at or after its maturity, the holder expressly and absolutely renounces his rights against the acceptor either in writing or by delivering the bill to him.
    • In Japan, he has also expressed a wish to renounce his U.S. citizenship.
    • You must sign here stating that you formally renounce your title as Princess of Sicily and hand the throne over to your cousin.
    • Alexander at one time had toyed with the idea of renouncing his rights to the succession and going with his wife to live an idyllic life on the banks of the Rhine.
    • Officially, Japan does not lay claim to the Spratly archipelago as it renounced such claims under the San Francisco Treaty, but it expresses concern over the situation in the area.
    • I am therefore prepared to renounce my claim on the strip of land in question.
    • In the Moscow Treaty of July 12, 1920, Russia recognized Lithuanian independence and renounced all previous claims to it.
    • Charlotte was married off to a suitable French count shortly thereafter and she eventually renounced her rights to the Monegasque crown in favor of her son - the man we remember today as the late Prince Rainier III of Monaco.
    • In 1946, after the death of dictator Benito Mussolini, the reconstituted Italian government renounced its claims to its African colonies.
    • As a consequence, Francis renounced his claims to Italy, his possession of the duchy of Burgundy and his feudal suzerainty over Flanders and Artois.
    • In 1843 French missionaries arrived at the island, and it was claimed for France, but on British representations the claim was renounced.
    • I am ready to renounce all claims to this house and this room.
    • Thus, when his tightfisted mother, who had married Brand's father for his money, is dying, he refuses to go to her unless she renounces her wealth.
  • 2

    (cause/religion/ideology) renunciar a
    (cause/ideology/religion) abjurarse de
    (devil/world/sin) renunciar a
    • Few states considering themselves influential players on the world stage would publicly renounce peacekeeping.
    • The way you leave the Catholic Church is by renouncing your faith.
    • But why did the IRA not renounce violence in 1998?
    • By 2008, I'm hoping that their contribution to the household economy will have been to renounce reading and take up computer games, instead.
    • It isn't surprising that so many intelligent men and women seem to have renounced passionate commitment, opting instead for the single life.
    • We give you one last chance: will you renounce your old ways and join the west island's cause?
    • They will tell you that all religions teach us to value life, to refrain from harming others, and to renounce selfishness.
    • I now plan to permanently renounce skulking for all time.
    • When she turned pro, she renounced alcohol and cut off friends and every other distraction.
    • In 1968, he renounced painting, but in the 1980s returned to art-making with a series of black drawings on folded tracing paper.
    • She has also received death threats and has renounced the Islamic faith.
    • On the other hand, it is not appealing enough to motivate one to renounce the supremacy of personal judgment.
    • They have renounced those habits, and they too must somehow be incorporated into the new army.
    • Well, repentance means to have a hearty, thorough, change of mind and it includes the idea of rejecting and renouncing the sinful, filthy lifestyle you've been living.
    • She now knew how reprehensible stealing the free will of others was, and she renounced her selfish ways.
    • The prime condition is that returning Muslims must renounce their faith and convert to Hinduism.
    • The Home Secretary would add that the organisation retains its capacity for terrorist acts and has not renounced terrorism.
    • The idea was for Arab states to pressure Palestinian authorities into renouncing violence.
    • Before renouncing the habit, the former drug czar noted that losing large sums of money on slots and video poker hadn't ‘put my family at risk.’
    • Some academics eventually renounced their hostility to subject disciplines.