Traducción de renter en Español:


arrendatario, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛntə//ˈrɛn(t)ər/


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    (of house, car)
    arrendatario masculino
    arrendataria femenino
    • In St. Catharines, the housing situation has overflowed to affect low-income renters.
    • Modernized base housing gives would-be renters an attractive home option.
    • Over supper, the friends mentioned that a prospective renter sounded like a catch.
    • Auckland has become a city of renters who aren't looking after the property they rent, a city of speculators there to make a buck.
    • How do prospective renters convince landlords that they and their pets are model citizens?
    • According to census figures, just over a third of the properties in the area are occupied by renters.
    • She suggested they make monthly visits to the suite to ensure that renters are respecting the property.
    • Montreal has one of North America's highest proportions of renters, as well as students.
    • His organization is already receiving frantic calls from desperate renters.
    • Cuts to income assistance rates will increase the number of homeless people in the province, predict groups concerned about renters on welfare.
    • We know that many renters are going to look at these figures and wonder what on earth all the fuss is about.
    • He said now is the opportune time to regularise the group's status from renters to owners.
    • Is it good for a city to have nothing to offer renters with low incomes?
    • The study concludes that things are looking up for renters and prospective renters in the Waterloo area.
    • And come on - why should an apartment renter be paying more taxes so you can frolic in the greenery?
    • Keep in mind that most offices require boat renters to attend training before they're allowed to take the boat out for a spin.
    • Gone were the promised secondary suites meant for student renters.
    • This city counts 188,000 occupied dwellings, with about half occupied by renters and half by owners.
    • By renting a Florida villa, there will almost always be more than one bathroom available to the renters.
    • Many city councilors seem terrified to ask renters and condo owners to share responsibility.
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    (rented thing)
    (car) coche de alquiler masculino EEUU
    (video) video de alquiler masculino
    (video) vídeo de alquiler masculino España
    • For around 20 bucks I can't really recommend this title as a buyer, but as a renter this is a fun flick to watch with your favorite Oktoberfest beer and a brat.
    • McDormand's expression during this scene alone makes this film a good renter.
    • If not, it's a nice renter for a lazy weekend night.
    • As a renter this will make a fun and informative night for you and your loved ones.
    • Within five years of release, Shawshank was a phenomenon, a video bestseller and a renter that its admirers feel they've discovered for themselves.
    • Not sure as I can say this is a great buy, but as a renter it's a lot of fun.
    • This reviewer's opinion is that's a little high for a film like Torn Curtain, but as a renter it's a good piece of film history.