Traducción de reoccur en Español:


reaparecer, v.

Pronunciación /riːəˈkəː//ˌriəˈkər/

verbo intransitivoreoccurring, reoccurred

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    • We are faced with a dilemma that reoccurs throughout the film for the central characters in which personal feelings are weighed against need to succeed politically - are they prepared to sacrifice everything for love?
    • Outpatients need to be watched like a hawk, because once you stop treatment, it can reoccur.
    • Most chiropractors will also recommend particular exercises to do at home, and may also give tips for preventing the problem from reoccurring, such as adjustments to working environment or sports activities.
    • In 1996 he underwent surgery on an ankle and although he returned briefly at the start of the following year the injury reoccurred and he sat out nearly seven months.
    • The same themes - love, hope, faith, loneliness, isolation, home - occur and reoccur throughout his films, in different combinations.
    • It was profound in the sense that it dealt with issues of timeless importance - struggle and solidarity - which often reoccur throughout history.
    • As a result the government will have to keep a close eye on the situation to prevent the same problems from reoccurring.
    • If bleeding reoccurs, pinch your nose, bend down to prevent the blood from going down into your throat, and apply some ice cubes over the nose.
    • If the cyst reoccurs, it can be repeatedly drained if it continues to be symptomatic.
    • The nightmare reoccurred, and once again its cause was out of his control.
    • The hospital record notes that Mitchell suffered from visua and aural hallucinations that have reoccurred from time to time.
    • If people have radiotherapy or surgery, they can't have the same treatment if the cancer reoccurs.
    • It has threatened to boot England out of the tournament if the violence reoccurs.
    • Luckily, last week she was able to save her new carpet but if the problem reoccurs when she is at work then the ground floor of her house will be destroyed again.
    • That reoccurs throughout, does it?
    • Varicose veins may also reoccur in other veins.
    • The really annoying thing is that this ludicrous situation has been occurring and reoccurring now for a number of years.
    • They usually occur once but occasionally reoccur when there is an increase in dosage.
    • It does this specifically by a sentence coming up on the screen after the close of the action, saying that it took another 140 years before the epochal changes reoccurred, in the French Revolution.
    • Themes such as shelter and companionship reoccur.