Traducción de repairman en Español:


técnico, n.

Pronunciación /rɪˈpɛːmən//rəˈpɛrˌmæn//rəˈpɛrˌmən/

nombrePlural repairmen

  • 1

    técnico masculino
    técnica femenino
    watch repairman relojera femenino
    • Having dropped out of school, the young man worked as a garage mechanic in Sydney and later as an insurance salesman and part-time watch repairman in Melbourne.
    • Mention of the repairmen in activates the conception of a television as an intricate piece of machinery, while focuses on the appearance of a television and its place in a room layout.
    • In the course of his two-hour service call, I telephone my husband twice to answer questions about what the repairman is supposed to be doing and what the problem with our furnace has been.
    • We got repairmen all over our office there three times a week.
    • They ripped the roof off the shop where he worked as a refrigerator repairman, tore down its walls and carried away the hard-won tools of his trade - blowtorch, soldering iron, manometer, even motors.
    • The firm employed approximately one hundred specialized workers including gilders, carpenters, upholsterers, repairmen, and glaziers.
    • They earned their livings as mechanics, foundry workers, refrigerator repairmen, and custodians.
    • Your time would be better spent waiting for the Sears repairman.
    • One story has it that a man whose ticket had not arrived in the mail as promised telephoned Hoover customer service for a repairman.
    • From hi-fi repairman to dub pioneer, he tinkered and reconfigured his equipment and, in so doing, redefined the role of engineer-producer.
    • Today the role of roving repairman keeps Henderson from seeing his wife, Karen, and daughters, aged 15 and 11, for long stretches.
    • He now watched the repairmen move a new sheet of glass into position over the shattered remains of the first.
    • At their feet sits a small turbine-repair shop staffed by former farmers and tractor repairmen.
    • Adding location to the other records, the company can prioritize the telephone pole maintenance and direct the repairmen efficiently.
    • One early participant, postal-meter repairman Ian Williams, signed on last year after he discovered he had diabetes.
    • Shy and quiet, she spent most of her time keeping house for her husband, Danny, a ship repairman, and their two children - until the day those tractor-trailers came to town and changed her life forever.
    • He sold everything from vacuum cleaners to flower seeds, became a radio repairman and an accomplished pilot.
    • She was beginning to think that these men were not repairmen at all.
    • Westermann's tough-guy pose was fostered by early experiences as a professional acrobat, carpenter, railroad repairman and janitor.
    • The son of an air-conditioning repairman, he grew up in the working-class Gun Hill section of the Bronx.