Traducción de repayment en Español:


pago, n.

Pronunciación /riːˈpeɪm(ə)nt//riˈpeɪmənt//rɪˈpeɪm(ə)nt/


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    (act of repaying)
    pago masculino
    (terms/plan) (before noun) de pago
    • Remarkably, there is a 98 percent repayment rate on the loans.
    • Someone with a £ 100,000 repayment tracker loan will see their monthly payments go up by £ 14.
    • In the US, many people do this by making 26 fortnightly payments of half their mortgage repayment, instead of twelve monthly payments.
    • The American Bar Association also has a summary of loan repayment assistance programs.
    • The cut of 0.25 % will save its customers € 14 per month on repayments on a € 100,000 mortgage over 20 years.
    • They follow a very narrow work objective: secure repayment of loans at any cost.
    • A borrower with a £ 100,000 repayment loan on a fixed rate of 3.24 % would make monthly payments of £ 487.
    • The eligible charity or approved body can therefore claim a repayment of € 250 from Revenue at the end of the tax year.
    • I have reduced the interest rate from 16 % to 9 %, and extended the repayment terms from 25 to 30 years.
    • The average overall repayment rate of loans is a healthy 84 %, with some villages achieving a payback rate of over 90 %.
    • Based on a 30-year standard mortgage of € 230,000, the monthly repayments would be € 938 for the first year.
    • The loan repayment period may be extended for a member of the armed forces for the period he or she had active duty.
    • In keeping with the Heifer philosophy, loan repayments will go to buy livestock for farmers in Africa.
    • He said financial institutions were now reluctant to assist peasant farmers because of the bad record of debt repayments.
    • To pay it off in just five years, the monthly repayment leaps to £ 1, 411.
    • Whatever sum you borrow, the amount the bank wants per month will shrink the more you postpone the date of final repayment.
    • The bank's repayment rates are actually higher than those of many Western banks, Newton said.
    • With these policies the monthly mortgage repayments only covered the interest on the money you borrowed.
    • Those who opted for endowment mortgages could also face serious repayment difficulties.
    • They are intended to provide consistency in approach toward loan repayments.
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    plazo masculino
    cuota femenino América Latina
    • Thus, whether or not a paragraph (b) scheme can permit repayment to the employer is a somewhat academic question.
    • Repayments outstripped spending, with every HK $1,000 of spending matched by HK $1,097 in repayments during the period.
    • Turkey, which like Argentina has received a large IMF bail-out, warned it may not be able to meet next year's repayments.
    • The first one concerns the first income threshold of repayment.
    • We will pay our share of the multilateral debt repayments of reforming low-income countries. "
    • Debt repayments are very severe over the next two or three years.
    • Bankruptcy judges, who now have considerable discretion in fashioning or waiving repayment plans, will be required to follow much more restrictive guidelines.
    • Usually, therefore, the second mortgagee persuades the first mortgagee to obtain repayment on the same occasion.
    • We must also end negative aid, which is what debt repayments constitute.
    • At all relevant times Mr Patterson was prepared to fund the repayment of Mr Ball's £ 100,000, albeit in instalments.
    • The Nigerians demanded repayments of more than $100 million.
    • In fact, Irish mortgage customers have an excellent track record of repayments.
    • There is nothing in the case law, says Aldridge, which says there is not value in the repayment of trust monies.
    • No. 120) at pp. 74-84) which regulate the repayment of overpaid tax.
    • The one-year repayment period is also not binding in many cases.
    • Thus the claim by Guinness for repayment is unanswerable.
    • Repayment was handled via a swap of debt for equity in state-owned Bulgarian enterprises listed for privatisation.
    • Repayments, along with defence spending, consume the bulk of the budget.
    • The move is intended to structure the Division Two club's debts, establishing some degree of hierarchy on repayments.
    • Savvy borrowers know that there can be advantages in opting for a secured loan to consolidate existing debt into a single monthly repayment.
    • The monthly repayment over 25 years at 4 % would be about $980, or £ 530.
    • I have a small mortgage with just six years' repayments outstanding.
    • To reduce investor concern, many municipal bonds are backed by insurance policies guaranteeing repayment in the event of default.
    • The 52 poorest countries still pay more than $50 million a day in debt repayments.
    • Borrowers with fixed-rate loans will see no change to their monthly repayments.
    • For every 1 provided in grant aid to poor countries 13 is paid back in debt repayments.
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    pago masculino
    recompensa femenino