Traducción de repeal en Español:


revocar, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈpil//rɪˈpiːl/

verbo transitivo

Política Derecho

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    • For a free and productive society to reemerge, the Sixteenth Amendment must be repealed - thereby abolishing the income tax.
    • Congress repealed the bankruptcy act in 1803 before its scheduled expiration.
    • Massachusetts repealed its law in July, 1786, because, as Governor Bowdoin explained, other states, refusing to cooperate, had tried to use it for one-sided advantage.
    • In other words, although Parliament was repealing the Stamp Act, it retained its right to govern America.
    • The Moroccanization law was repealed in 1993 and the Moroccan government began allowing for up to 100 percent repatriation of capital.
    • This repeal will be challenged as an invasion of state sovereignty, but recall that Congress had no trouble in 1939 repealing the tax exemption of state and local employees.
    • The report predicts price wars may arise if the government repeals the 1987 Grocery Act, though other sources believe the threat of the government repealing the act is now receding.
    • The constitutional court repealed the law in January.
    • She thought the genesis of the secrecy culture, the Official Secrets Act, should be repealed, and regretted the failure of the bill to do that.
    • On February 7, 1865, newly-inaugurated governor Richard Oglesby signed the bill repealing the black laws.
    • If the law is repealed, VW could be vulnerable to outside pressure.
    • More has been said in recent years - even in recent days - about repealing the Act of Settlement.
    • Two more acts followed in 1861 and 1863, repealing hundreds of old laws; these acts and subsequent legislation abrogated much of Magna Carta.
    • Finally, the Act of 1534 repealed the Act of 1484, and further stated that aliens could only sell wholesale wares to English-born printers or stationers, and that no bound books were to be imported at all.
    • However, the betterment provisions of the 1947 Act were repealed in 1953.
    • To offset the cost of repealing the tax, Congress is contemplating the extension of capital gains taxation to all who inherit financial assets, called a ‘carryover’ provision.
    • The Act was repealed in 1822 after Smith caused a smallpox epidemic in Tarboro, North Carolina.
    • Between 1830 and mid-century, colonial licensing laws were repealed, temporary, or rarely enforced.
    • It was Mill's circle of ‘Philosophic Radicals’ who, in the 1830s, were the primary Parliamentary advocates of and activists on behalf of repealing the remaining Acts.
    • If we cannot get a better system, we might be better off repealing all antitrust laws.


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