Traducción de repeated en Español:


repetido, adj.

Pronunciación /rɪˈpiːtɪd//rəˈpidəd/


  • 1

    (instances/attempts/warnings) repetido
    (warnings/attempts/instances) reiterado
    (requests/demands) reiterado
    (criticism/insistence) constante
    • Results of repeated tests for C difficile toxin were negative.
    • The US scotched repeated attempts at the UN to establish a peacekeeping force on the ground in the Territories.
    • Repeated watching of violent or traumatic events on the television should be avoided.
    • Five dissident Iranian authors have been assassinated over the last two years following repeated death threats.
    • A short melody, usually in the bass, repeated continually with changing upper parts.
    • This evening of appetising dishes to tingle the tastebuds is to be repeated on Saturday, November 24.
    • In some centers, repeated bronchial biopsies are suggested to study the pathology.
    • Many of the scenes are repeated in slow motion.
    • Programmable shunts allow surgeons to adjust the settings on the shunt from outside the body, thereby decreasing the need for repeated surgeries.
    • The discrepancies in the payment of pensions discussed earlier are repeated in the values of state pensions.
    • Both workers were employed by the Jorge Erazo Company, a subcontractor under investigation for repeated violations of safety rules.
    • In Leeds hospitals alone 60-70,000 admissions are drink-related - a picture repeated across the region.
    • The benefit term is discounted by the probability of a repeated game q, showing the importance of frequent encounters.
    • The chicken motif is repeated at several times in the film.
    • Kreuger made money from money, offering hefty dividends to attract investors to the repeated share offerings from his companies.
    • In addition, repeated simulations with the same set of parameter values were very consistent in their outcomes.
    • Best of all is the chapters on money management, which are repeated almost verbatim for each game.
    • Henri Josserand condemned Western governments for failing to respond to repeated appeals for urgent food aid to the famine-stricken country.
    • Meridian acupuncture treatments were repeated from two to four times a month.
    • Harper thanks the street gangs for the repeated attacks on his campaign for his soaring poll numbers.