Traducción de repetitious en Español:


repetitivo, adj.

Pronunciación /rɛpɪˈtɪʃəs//ˌrɛpəˈtɪʃəs/


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    (person/essay/speech) repetitivo
    he tends to be repetitious suele repetirse mucho
    • They are boring, repetitious, and self-serving.
    • But, when the humor is flat and repetitious, as is the case here, the absence of a credible storyline becomes a major drawback.
    • But if that biography confined itself to her activities in the world, it would be appallingly repetitious and boring.
    • Sachs tells us that reading these impassioned letters eventually became repetitious and boring.
    • Of the fifteen new poems, I think ‘La Florida’ and ‘Purple Finch’ are the best and perhaps indicate a direction away from what has become a repetitious lament of exile.
    • It is a repetitious and tedious work, a mixture of scholarship and scurrilous invective, but Milton himself was well satisfied with it.
    • Its style can seem tedious and repetitious to a modern professional economist.
    • Here, the music becomes anguished yet mechanical, frighteningly repetitious and full of noises that seem only half-human in origin.
    • Tabular and repetitious in structure, an algorithm is essentially a finite blend of mathematical calculations and logical statements that process data according to preordained formats.
    • Lee also orchestrates some magnificent horizontal sweeps at the apron of the stage but as they become more repetitious, they are rendered bereft of the grandeur initially achieved.
    • He admits to finding the Buddha's dialogues ‘long-winded and repetitious,’ with ‘little of the artistry so evident in Plato.’
    • They are intentionally, indeed overinsistently, scabrous; and they are conscientiously repetitious in their linear, timeless design.
    • The tragedies that plague the talent make for grimmer reading, resulting in a story arc that's as banal and repetitious as most contemporary porn features.
    • As a result of his determination to include just about everyone and everything that was connected with the Great Fire, Tinniswood's narrative sometimes comes across as slightly disheveled and repetitious.
    • By the late nineties, many critics had begun to find Iranian films cloying and repetitious, and The Silence doesn't exactly help that particular cause.
    • Moreover, he had to worry about all manner of dull work: petitions were read, proclamations heard, and patents and all manner of wordy, repetitious and wearisome papers had to be attended to.
    • Although somewhat repetitious in its early moments, the dance achieved great poignancy as it depicted the infatuation of two young strangers at a dance - and the girl's death from a stray bullet.
    • There was a time not long ago when Telemann, like Vivaldi, was thought to be dull and repetitious.
    • They're a bit of recognition for excelling at jobs that, Wasserstein admits, are often boring and repetitious.
    • Most of these excerpts are as good as anything in the finished film (to condemn with faint praise), but Zamm's remarks get repetitious after a while.