Traducción de replenish en Español:


reponer, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈplɛnɪʃ//rɪˈplɛnɪʃ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (stock) reponer
    we have to replenish our fuel supplies tenemos que reabastecernos de combustible
    • may I replenish your glass? ¿me permite servirle otra copa?
    • Ship stocks will then be replenished from the base warehouses.
    • Different weapons and their respective replenishing supply of ammunition, mushrooms that restock your health meter and potion bottles that fill up Gandalf's magic attack lie all around.
    • Cutting intervals that are consistently shorter than 30 days stress legume stands because the plants do not fully replenish depleted energy reserves in the taproots and crowns.
    • Try focusing on metrics that highlight speed: the time that it takes to bring a new product or service to market, the time that it takes to replenish or to restock the shelves with your product, the time that it takes to fill a customer order.
    • With some of the stress and urgency of the spring semester removed, we have time to reflect and replenish, to renew ourselves.
    • This total state of calm spreads throughout, giving every organ, tissue and cell a chance to replenish and benefit from their own vast stores of energy.
    • State marine biologists said coastal waters were over-fished and the ban was necessary so that stocks could be replenished.
    • About 15 minutes later the curtain goes up and high on replenished blood sugar levels, the kids are off again.
    • That meant that you could replenish all your energy anytime.
    • My son's cockatiel eats like a bird, so our stock of millet and black-oil sunflower seeds rarely needs replenishing.
    • Low channel inventory and distributors that are replenishing stock are also contributing to improve Gartner's mid-term forecasts.
    • Each ability takes a certain amount of bio-energy, which Frost can replenish with energy packs scattered throughout the battlefields he fights through.
    • Strong tactics may deplete the support provider's emotional resources at a faster rate than they can be replenished.
    • As the sounds of automation are replacing human voices, processors are gaining greater control over such functions as receiving, storing, ordering, handling, picking, replenishing and shipping.
    • Almost immediately I found myself replenishing his stock of cigars, not the brand he preferred but the nearest to it.
    • However the National Energy Fund may be replenished, also by January of next year, he added.
    • In particular, materials requirement planning is a system that assists management to monitor inventory and replenish as stock levels approach minimum requirements.
    • Once you land the energy replenishes and you can take to the skies once more.
    • Like a well of water, creative energy replenishes itself slowly over time.
    • Each character has an energy meter that depletes and replenishes as time goes by, so you need to pick your spots.