Traducción de replicate en Español:


reproducir, v.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛpləˌkeɪt//ˈrɛplɪkeɪt/

verbo transitivo

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    • According to Gallagher, if DMI's test results were to be replicated nationwide, more than 67 million additional gallons would be sold each year in schools alone.
    • Those results were not replicated in any of several subsequent studies.
    • Vermeer experimented with this device and took pains to replicate the optical distortions observed through the apparatus, such as discrepancies of scale, collapsed perspective, halations, and blurred focus.
    • This result is not consistently replicated in a more recent study by Davis-Friday, Liu, and Mittelstaedt.
    • This allows experiments to be replicated independently by anyone skeptical of the original results.
    • As with all such research, its success hinges on findings whose results can be replicated.
    • It works on strict adherence to the scientific method, through double-blind studies, good lab practices, etc. and the ability to replicate results.
    • The trials are being replicated in potato and pumpkin fields at The Rodale Institute, and in two other area vineyards.
    • It argues for eliminating ‘cookbook labs,’ in which students replicate experiments where the results are already known.
    • The foregoing simulation simply assumes that the trials replicate themselves based on what works.
    • Therefore, the next step is to see if these results can be replicated and further refined using samples from other universities.
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    • The form of the headdress also almost completely replicates the form of the short-handled agricultural hoe.
    • Cloning will be used for far more than replicating a mammal or reproducing a child.
    • Perhaps they replicate each other and work together on occasion, but their roles are different.
    • However, with the amount media circulating today there is no communication by replicating traditional design principles.
    • In the days before xerox machines, a carbon copy was the best way of replicating a piece of writing.
    • Likewise, their movements are falling into selected rhythmic patterns by age 3, and they are capable of clapping rhythmically and replicating short rhythms on instruments before kindergarten.
    • In another plaque, Prussian blue pigment, meant to replicate copper corrosion, obscures much of the surface.
    • A lot of immigrants finish up replicating the culture they came from.
    • She does idealize the island, at times, particularly as her characters try to replicate island culture within their (often dismal) mainland barrios.
    • Hobby's architectural hypothesis that places parent-child bonds at the core of all forms of love is true on this view because of the operation of universal organic drives to reproduce or replicate ourselves.
    • ‘This method replicates how problems occur in life,’ he says.
    • What it concerns itself more with is with replicating the successes of genre titles gone by.
    • In addition, in its celebration of irreducible difference, postmodernism has been castigated for replicating the very categories of racist ideological thought that it is intended to supersede.
    • The London version may come from the large room, which Pacheco saw on his visit to El Greco, full of reduced versions of his paintings which he kept for replicating his works or as a record of their authenticity.
    • This vaccine induces protective immunity but does not allow the virus to replicate - copy itself - or pass from bird to bird.
    • This is of particular importance since the surviving imperial portraits are copies that replicate officially sanctioned prototypes with varying degrees of fidelity and skill.
    • In a sense, this private menagerie replicates the oldest of human/animal relationships which was the aristocratic privilege of ownership that was the prevalent model until the French Revolution.
    • A full copy snapshot replicates the data set in its entirety.
    • Made up of roughly circular lines that form tight clusters, they're somewhat like the system drawings of Tara Donovan or James Siena, often replicating the organic structure of fungi or barnacles.
    • In particular, it would be important to replicate this study using different cultural products in order to see if the observed effects can be generalized across art product categories.

verbo reflexivo

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    (cell/amoeba/virus) duplicarse

verbo intransitivo

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