Traducción de reprint en Español:


reimpresión, n.

Pronunciación /ˈriːprɪnt//ˈriˌprɪnt/


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    (of a book)
    reimpresión femenino
    • To celebrate turning 15, Penguin promises an ‘Editor's Choice’ series of cheap reprints of books published abroad, by authors like Mario Vargas Llosa and Orhan Pamuk.
    • Dave and I are starting a new imprint, modestly called ‘The Collins Library,’ to do hardcover reprints of old, forgotten books.
    • Hacker Art Books was once frequented by such artists as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Keening and has remained an important source for specialty art books, reprints and out-of-print titles.
    • The second Trollopian wave came crashing in with the paperback classic reprints series which were pioneered by the Penguin English Library (now Penguin Classics) in the late 1960s.
    • Their books have received great recognition, meriting several reprints and earning numerous literary awards.
    • I have discovered a few minor ones, but the biggest gaffe so far - a large chunk missing from Stravinsky's work list - has already been seen to, and purchasers of the books will receive a reprint of the full list.
    • Contrary to one of the expressed goals of the Landmark series, however, none of these is a reprint of an out-of-print book or hard-to-find journal article.
    • In fact, the Premchand volume does not even bother to name an editor; it contains simply a reprint of four books of translations of Premchand by three different translators published over the last decade or two.
    • There are three new reprints of books on the Second World War.
    • This book, a reprint of a collection first published in 1960, is intended to shed some light on this neglected phase of Yeats's life.
    • Prion is rapidly establishing a name for itself as one of the most important publisher of paperback reprints of titles that have become established as ‘classic’ texts.
    • The book also contains a reprint of a funny science fiction short story, ‘Roll Over Beethoven,’ written by Cooper and Larry S. Haverkos.
    • In most cases they did not even mention that these are not new books - merely reprints of editions available for a long time.
    • This is the first reprint of the book since the 1790s and is well edited.
    • It sold out after six months of being widely available, but a paperback reprint is being prepared for the spring by I.B. Tauris.
    • This contains reprints of articles from books and periodicals by the editors, Douglas Gomery, Nicholas Garnham, Oscar H. Gandy Jr., and Robert W. McChesney.
    • Finally, there is the 1972 Edinburgh Film Festival Booklet, edited by Jon Halliday and Laura Mulvey, which accompanied a retrospective of some twenty Sirk films and contains both reprints and new material.
    • This volume is an unabridged reprint of the original volume published in The Musicians Library Series by Oliver Ditson Company, Boston, in 1915.
    • Finally, should there be a reprint of this book, one can hope that the Press will take the trouble to weed out the endless proofreading errors that deface the present text.
    • This new edition in four volumes, a reprint of the 1962 paperback edition, costs [pounds sterling] 9.99 per volume.
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    copia femenino

verbo transitivo

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    (book) reimprimir
    • These photographs have seldom, if ever, been reprinted; they do not suit the new context.
    • The book was taken off the shelves in England and wasn't reprinted in the US, though amended versions were later republished in both countries.
    • While her other books have gone out of print, Mythology has been reprinted many times.
    • The following story is reprinted from Dakota Dirt, a newsletter published by South Dakota State University Soil Testing Lab.
    • The book reached number one in Ireland and was reprinted three times in three weeks following its release last year.
    • This article by Robert R. Reilly appears in the December edition of Crisis Magazine and is reprinted with kind permission of the author.
    • It was the beginning of a firm friendship, and we collaborated in a book that reprinted the narrative that Orr had written to go with his images.
    • I also hope his book is reprinted, the next generation of graphic designer could learn from Rob Roy's knowledge of a forgotten art.
    • It was reprinted by former LIFE editor Edward K. Thompson in his autobiography, along with the story behind it.
    • An edited transcription is reprinted here, in two parts, with the author's generous permission.
    • His book The Bayeux Tapestry has just been reprinted by Thames and Hudson.
    • This travesty of Richardson's novel became the most frequently reprinted edition of the early 19th century.
    • This poem and many others have been reprinted in anthologies and journals worldwide.
    • The second and final installment of an edited transcription is reprinted here with the author's generous permission.
    • Her poetry, essays, and short fiction have appeared in many magazines and have been reprinted in the Pushcart and Best American Poetry anthologies.
    • Perrault's fables were much reprinted and adapted by the Victorians into children's picture books, burlesque, and pantomime.
    • The 25 articles were reprinted, 9 from book chapters and 16 from 10 different journals.
    • To mark his seventieth birthday, a series of Laurent de Brunhoff's classic stories have been reprinted this year in special hardback editions.
    • In fact half of its twenty-eight pieces are reprinted from that book.
    • In its newly reprinted edition, this text will remain a staple for the study of early music.
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    (photograph) hacer una copia de

verbo intransitivo

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    (book) ser reimpreso