Traducción de reproductive en Español:


reproductor, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌriːprəˈdʌktɪv//ˌriprəˈdəktɪv/


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    • What is the reproductive health care system like in Australia?
    • Within its limits the image blends two main features of Darwin's world, its astonishingly evolved, beautiful, sexual and reproductive contrivances and its deathliness.
    • Whereas the male body carried the burden of explaining the greater part of normative human anatomy, the pregnant female body served to illustrate the reproductive system and human generation.
    • This dietary effect on reproductive hormone metabolism may be especially influential to the peripubertal heifer, such as those used in this study.
    • Five studies have now been completed, and each study demonstrates some negative effect on stallion reproductive parameters in controlled settings.
    • Among the items in the shack are a custom-designed beekeeper's veil that is embroidered with the reproductive system of the queen bee and a white jumpsuit inscribed with bee grafting instructions, wisdom, and lore.
    • The aim is to give every Namibian learner and teacher accurate information on HIV and sexual reproductive health.
    • All the other females in the population are splitting their reproductive effort between males and females even though it is only the females, primed by a few sperm, who go on to contribute offspring to the next generation.
    • The main stem apex in these varieties is not converted as quickly from a vegetative to reproductive state and generally will have about 16-18 main stem nodes at maturity.
    • They say a science based testing regime would include long term animal feeding trials with the whole genetically modified crop to test for carcinogenic, reproductive and other adverse effects.
    • Although this loss is significant to cattle breeders, research pertaining to the toxic effects on bull reproductive performance is limited.
    • So the imagined porousness of the female anatomy may lead to anxiety about a greater loss of boundaries - that of the nonbeing associated with female reproductive processes.
    • There - most tragic cases are there's about 50 in which people are suing, claiming their kids got birth defects because the chemicals affected the reproductive system.
    • The female generally has much less reproductive potential than the male, and she invests significantly more time and energy in each offspring.
    • And now he's leading the struggle, armed with an acoustic guitar and a variety of euphemisms for the female reproductive system.
    • It is well accepted that nutrient intake, body energy stores, and changes in BW and energy stores have dramatic effects on reproductive processes in the beef cow.
    • Different strains infect different tissues and organs - lungs, guts, kidneys, livers, brains or reproductive systems.
    • This manual contains an image of female reproductive anatomy based on a dissection, although not one performed by Rueff himself.
    • Selenium is ‘linked’ with vitamin E in horse immune and reproductive systems.
    • I think therapeutic cloning for humans, and reproductive cloning for animals, both have more positives than negatives, but this is not a subject that can be concluded in one Dooyoo opinion.