Traducción de repulsive en Español:


repulsivo, adj.

Pronunciación /rəˈpəlsɪv//rɪˈpʌlsɪv/


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    (smell/sight) repulsivo
    (smell/sight) repugnante
    (sight/smell) asqueroso
    I think she's repulsive la encuentro repulsiva / repelente
    • A long sequence set in a park, in which Walter loses his willpower and sparks a somewhat risqué dialogue with a young girl, becomes increasingly nauseating and repulsive as it continues.
    • Killing a human being is always a repulsive act, but at times it is unavoidable, as in self-defense, or in war.
    • he knows this is repulsive and that's why he comes out with it).
    • There are lots of these scriptwriting guides around - all repulsive and attractive at the same time.
    • Story wise, it's Mr. Bean, perhaps a little gentler and less repulsive than Rowan Atkinson in the flesh, but very very funny.
    • Both these views of what Karl Marx called ‘the ugly revolution, the repulsive revolution’ were subsequently published as engravings in the periodical L' Illustration.
    • However, by the time he arrives it's becoming clear to Preston and the audience alike exactly how repulsive a mindset the Clerics? one is.
    • It's jarring and offensive and leaves one with nothing but repulsive images that linger on afterwards.
    • After overcoming the natural reluctance to confront those in power, students began to comment, telling their presenters just how repulsive, immoral, and disgusting the idea was.
    • As Power points out, this was a morally repulsive and even ‘maddening’ conception, although it accurately reflected political realities.
    • They've all done things that are repulsive and disgusting, and each one is probably haunted by that.
    • Whilst we gained a sense of Caliban's non-humanness, we lost much sense of him as a gross, repulsive creature.
    • It is perhaps the most disgusting, grotesque and repulsive thing ever shown on television.
    • Others felt that the portrait was rather repulsive.
    • It i s mildly repulsive in its crude vulgarity, but strangely and inexplicably alluring.
    • The ads for the new acid blockers like Tagamet, I think, are quite repulsive.
    • One of the final panels proffers Der Führer's personal opinion of his adversary: ‘He is an utterly amoral, repulsive creature.’
    • Cronenberg fashions a remake of the cheesy 1958 original that is by turns funny, poignant, repulsive, and intense.
    • She is always slightly repulsive, and that is why I wanted those puppies to look miserable.
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    (forces) que se repelen