Traducción de requalify en Español:


recalificarse, v.

Pronunciación /riːˈkwɒlɪfʌɪ/

verbo intransitivorequalifies, requalifying, requalified

  • 1

    • During the second phase of advanced individual training, soldiers now requalify on their weapons before graduation.
    • My main problem about migrating to the US is the fact that I do not have US medical qualifications and am not embracing having to practically requalify myself at this stage of my life.
    • After six months in hospital he was invalided out of the RNAS - but managed to requalify at Manston and went back to France with 208 Sqn, RAF.
    • He won last year, but was back again to requalify this time (he made it).
    • Forty-five minutes later though, the German's corner-cutting feat was penalised and he was forced to go out and requalify, managing only the 17th hole as the conditioned worsened.
    • To help and advise women at the workplace, from 1990 the ‘Eve’ association organized regional centres which helped women to requalify and to set themselves up as businesswomen.
    • He's awaiting a formal training slot to open so he can be requalified to fly.
    • She worked for pharmaceutical company Ward Blenkinsop while studying in Glasgow and Edinburgh to requalify, which she achieved in 1955.
    • What I am saying essentially, is that migrating for me, would almost mean requalifying myself and I'm really not up to that at this time.
    • With no requalifying for the Ryder Cup, no wild-card picks and no apparent animosity, the only thing to talk about has been how poorly many of the team members are playing.
    • If you have a professional qualification that is recognised in the UK as being the equivalent of at least three years' university education, you will generally not need to requalify in the EU although you may need some language skills.
    • The former requalified at the end of the programme as its GDP continued to decline.
    • Besides, you only have to finish in the top 20 to requalify.
    • The reason for this recommendation was the Brigade's frustration in qualifying prior-service soldiers who were requalifying in one of the new tasks.
    • Four years ago, in his rookie year, Irons succumbed to the pro circuit's late-night temptations and didn't requalify for the 1999 WCT.
    • In my case, I had recently requalified in the jet and upgraded to flight lead after years behind a desk.
    • ‘We did the requalifying this morning,’ Fitzgerald said.
    • We have to requalify tomorrow and that means the best we can start is 31st overall, which is no big deal because it's a 24-hour race and we'll have plenty of time to move up.
    • On John having to requalify for the Mr. Olympia title: The notion that a veteran like him has to qualify is absurd.
    • Jeffrey loved the Army, saw combat in the Gulf War, and requalified as a paratrooper after that.