Traducción de request stop en Español:

request stop

parada discrecional, n.



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    parada discrecional femenino
    • Three stops along the route, at an obscure request stop in Old Ford, a phalanx of 16 photographers were waiting to take our picture.
    • Someone else pointed out that it wasn't a request stop, therefore he was obliged to stop.
    • There's no village here as such so it's a request stop.
    • Fine if this is the bus you want to board, but not if you are trying to get one of the ones coming along behind and you happen to be at a request stop.
    • The attacker, who had been picked up by the bus about half a mile away at a request stop, was Asian, in his late teens to early 20s, of average build with a thin wispy moustache.
    • My nearest bus stop has been downgraded to a request stop for no adequately explained reason, physically moved to the opposite end of its bus shelter and no longer has a timetable posted.
    • It's a request stop: I flagged down the train like a bus.
    • Surprisingly, this simple request stops many people short.
    • The most obvious way is also the unpalatable i.e. making more services request stops which is not something we want to do.