Traducción de reroute en Español:


desviar, v.

Pronunciación /riˈrut//riːˈruːt//riˈraʊt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • The funeral prayers took place after Friday prayers and roads were closed as police re-routed traffic away from the mourners.
    • All major access routes and motorways to the town were re-routed or closed for the President's visit.
    • Metaphorically, this has made it possible for musicians to re-route pilgrimages to Santiago along the Celtic fringe to form postmodern confluences of Celtic religion and music.
    • This will involve re-routing Great Western trains and scaffolding and safety nets being attached to the viaduct while work is carried out.
    • But the last few years have been a nightmare, since the council re-routed the buses along our avenue.
    • There are ways to protect roads from landslides, including building tunnels by hillsides, placing mats to secure earth, digging large ditches by the sides of roads which can divert flows away, and even re-routing roads.
    • It is going to be quite miserable as traffic will have to be re-routed while work is under way on Western Way.
    • Todd was in Carolina and his flight had to be re-routed.
    • Seriously speaking, the same authorities who imposed one-way rules and re-routed the city buses should also take care of the needs of bus passengers.
    • The recession prompted them to re-route planes to North Atlantic routes, causing excess capacity and price wars to fill seats.
    • It might mean re-routing the motorway, depending on what's uncovered?
    • Many of them are to a different destination, so they'll have to be re-routed.
    • I find it difficult to walk more than 100 yards, and am sure that were the service I rely on be re-routed I too would have great difficulty in getting out and about.
    • Services were re-routed to avoid the roadworks.
    • For example, if a unit expecting supplies has moved or it is determined that another unit has a more urgent requirement for those supplies; a convoy can be sent an e-mail re-routing it to where it needs to be.
    • They have discussed problems such as the overland power cables, which have to be re-routed or put underground, financial aspects of the scheme and potential problems.
    • The bus company is considering re-routing the service because a larger articulated bus is currently being developed, which could cause access problems in some streets.
    • All phone lines to the police headquarters went down yesterday after the blunder and the central 999 system failed, forcing calls to be re-routed to local stations.
    • This was denied, however, by the Scottish Executive, which said that Scottish ministers had not been consulted because the shipment had not been re-routed near Scotland.
    • As passengers were re-routed or granted refunds the affected airlines said no more cancellations were planned.