Traducción de rerun en Español:


reposición, n.

Pronunciación /ˈriˌrən//ˈriːrʌn/


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    Televisión Cine
    reposición femenino
    the series is in reruns se está reponiendo la serie
    • Do they show reruns of US shows in the UK?
    • When he didn't, I flipped to a rerun of a game show I used to watch with my parent's as a kid.
    • Progressives of today want a rerun of that era and the immediate political battle that ensued back then.
    • Perhaps the endless television reruns of Friends and the Simpsons are beginning to take their toll.
    • Although the party is not demanding a rerun of the May ballot, they have called on council chiefs to launch a full investigation.
    • Joanna yelled back, settling down in the family room, watching a sitcom rerun.
    • One hundred years from now, there will be no such things as television reruns.
    • Why pay for the shows when you can watch them in syndicated reruns with about the same quality?
    • If you haven't watched this one, be sure to catch the reruns this summer.
    • There's nothing good on TV during the summer rerun season anyway.
    • The establishment politicians want to avoid a rerun of the bitter conflict of last autumn at least until after the summer elections.
    • But the government too came in for a lashing for not doing enough to prevent a rerun of last winter's disasters.
    • Every channel though showed the same old reruns and the same news stories.
    • I submit that we may be seeing yet another rerun of this recurrent pattern.
    • She flipped over the boring news channels and found some old reruns on some local channel.
    • Last week's episode, for example, was a rerun of a classic on stories that make us cringe.
    • In Australia, in a match billed as a rerun of the World Cup final just seven months after the event, they lost 15-51.
    • Catch a rerun on TV and save your money for other DVDs.
    • Adrian watched the characters move across the stage in an early-morning sitcom rerun.
    • If you missed the film, try and catch a rerun.
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    repetición femenino
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    (of race)
    repetición femenino

verbo transitivorerunning, reran

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    (series/film) reponer
    • The cable channel is giving you the chance to catch up on all the groovy episodes by rerunning them in October.
    • They're going to rerun all these shows.
    • Many of these shows rerun constantly on TV and the rest probably should.
    • We'd sit through that evening's show and if the first few films were good, we might sit through the start of the second show, which reran the same films.
    • I see that Comedy Central is rerunning the TV version of it on Monday night or Tuesday morning, depending on which time zone you're in.
    • When CBS reran the episode six months later, some 40 affiliates refused to air it, and national advertisers shied away from buying ad time, establishing a pattern that remains in effect today.
    • C-Span is rerunning it on Sunday.
    • Don't be surprised to find yourself rerunning some stories long after you thought they'd be forgotten.
    • The Animal Planet network is rerunning a couple of shows that may be of interest to cartoon fans.
    • I wasn't old enough to care when this appeared first time, so it's really amazing to see BBC Four rerunning this over the next week, with the modern sequel to follow.
    • And speaking of highly recommended, HBO is nearly half way through rerunning the first season of Deadwood, the best western drama ever televised.
    • They're rerunning a two-part ‘Biography for Kids’ that Harry did, visiting the set and interviewing the folks behind, in and under the Muppets.
    • We discovered that our local animation channel was rerunning old Bugs Bunny cartoons in the early evening.
    • Granada Plus is giving us the chance to wallow in nostalgia by rerunning the series each weeknight.
    • On the TV in front of him, ESP was rerunning a broadcast of the World's Strongest Man competition.
    • The show is endlessly rerun and has attained classic status.
    • If you missed the first part, they are rerunning it this week and don't miss the second part.
    • On Wednesday, TV Land is rerunning an episode of Fantasy Island with Phil Silvers as a has-been vaudevillian.
    • Now let's just check and see if C-SPAN is rerunning the debate.
    • Saturday, CNN is rerunning a special show that ran on the 19th to celebrate Larry's 70th birthday.
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    (program) volver a pasar
    (program) volver a ejecutar
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    (race) repetir