Traducción de reserved en Español:


reservado, adj.

Pronunciación /rəˈzərvd//rɪˈzəːvd/


  • 1

    • She had never seen him so happy before, he was always so reserved and cautious with his emotions.
    • For the second time in three days the usually reserved swimmer showed overwhelming emotion in the pool.
    • She snatched the paper back with a reserved expression.
    • Skepticism and warnings were mainly expressed in medical journals, indicating a reserved attitude by many health care professionals.
    • He was by nature a reserved man but not a cold one.
    • The reserved exterior that reflects caution and orthodoxy masks an inner emotional make-up that hints of mischief and rebellion.
    • They never linger or come down to a human level; instead they are cold and reserved.
    • Like me, he was an intellectual, though he was the more reserved type.
    • I imagine her sister Jane was equally affected, but was a more reserved person.
    • The team files off the bus on game day in a quiet, reserved and orderly fashion, with most players wearing serious expressions as they look down, avoiding any eye contact.
    • They range from reserved and courtly to warm and expressive.
    • She has a certain power, something shines from behind her reserved expression that is seeking something different.
    • Though they are not friends-Jarvis is a reserved man who does not display emotions easily-they help each other recover from their losses.
    • Despite this she managed a calm smile revealing a reserved and complacent demeanor.
    • I looked over at Denny to see him regarding me with a reserved expression.
    • Kelly told me that, while she was growing up, her father was quiet, distant, and emotionally reserved.
    • Always sensitive to the emotions of others, Jesse's reserved body language and quiet voice told her that he was not as ‘ok’ as he said.
    • While Morgan was quiet, reserved and cute, Camille was loud, passionate and bright.
    • At this point even the reserved Sean could not restrain himself from bursting out laughing.
    • When she approached the man, however, her attire earned her a reserved expression.
  • 2

    (seat/table) reservado
    • Four people with reserved seats were waiting to get on.
    • Under the revised rules, a refund shall be admissible on unused reserved and RAC tickets up to five days from the scheduled departure of the train from its originating station.
    • All reserved seat tickets will include an attached prepaid admission stub.
    • We have recently improved the ladies toilets after one fan contacted me and we have even changed the reserved stickers on seats after one fan told me they look scruffy.
    • The curtain goes up nightly at 8.30 pm and there are no reserved seats, so it is first come first served.
    • Customers can make use of a reserved parking lot provided close to the toilet and ATM, wheel chair, ramps, railings in the toilet and low-level closets.
    • If there is only one carriage with reserved seats, it cannot be designated as a smoking carriage.
    • The bus for our house came first and Jackie got on it, standing briefly on the platform as it pulled away and staring back, before retiring to his reserved seat under the stairs.
    • There are no reserved seats so the advice is to come early because a large attendance is expected.
    • As well as reserved seats, buses have regular drivers, so they and pupils can get to know each other.
    • When the syrup has cooled, mix it with the fruit purée, reserved seeds and lemon juice.
    • Of course, there was no reserved seat to be found.
    • Pour the cooked fruit into a sieve set over the bowl of reserved berries and use the back of a wooden spoon to press the fruit through the sieve.
    • The Laker standard fare was for a reserved seat booked for same-day travel.
    • There are no reserved seats, so it is a case of first come first served and everyone is advised to come early to avoid disappointment.
    • Options for patron upgrade, car parking spaces and a reserved seat in the main stand are also available.
    • When they got down to the restaurant Aaron gave his name and they were guided to their reserved seats.
    • Departing on July 2 or 3, you will spend a full day at Wimbledon with a reserved seat on Number One Court.
    • This new facility is not to be confused with the existing coach service available only to reserved seat passengers.
    • There are also a few £30 tickets which include a champagne and strawberry reception at Hall's Croft, reserved seats and an acknowledgement in the programme.