Traducción de resigned en Español:


resignado, adj.

Pronunciación /rɪˈzaɪnd//rɪˈzʌɪnd/


  • 1

    (expression/air) resignado
    (air/expression) de resignación
    to be resigned to sth/-ing estar resignado a algo/+inf
    • I've become resigned to that me he resignado a eso
    • Instead of being outraged, many ranchers seemed resigned.
    • Some argue at being stopped, others cajole, others are resigned.
    • Three years later, they are resigned to the demands of parenthood.
    • Shrugging her shoulders as she says this, she is resigned rather than rational.
    • Instead he seems to be happily resigned to it.
    • There was a new tone not previously heard in his voice, a resigned one.
    • So they are resigned to the fact that there could be another deadly attack which they simply can't prevent.
    • One by one, people tell their dark tales in solemn, angry and/or resigned tones.
    • Without treatment, a person with avoidant personality disorder may become resigned to a life of near or total isolation.
    • Now, my response is a resigned shrug of the shoulders.
    • "I'm not concerned," he says with a resigned grin.
    • There was an audible sign of resigned frustration from my fellow passengers.
    • But today, she was more resigned to her fate.
    • I was proud of myself for giving up for a while, than resigned, and then I realized that the whole thing was semantics anyway.
    • He does seem resigned to her presence now.
    • The town of 3,000 inhabitants are resigned to the bear sanctuary on their doorstep.
    • He seems to be resigned to the fact that there will be no indictments.
    • They claim a minority are resigned to renting permanently.
    • Akiko glances at it and looks resigned, then hopeful.
    • His work was a flaming call to arms; hers is resigned, melancholy, even funereal.