Traducción de resistant en Español:


Pronunciación /rəˈzɪstənt//rɪˈzɪstənt/


  • 1

    to be resistant to sth/-ing resistirse / oponer resistencia a algo/+ inf
    • Behavior that is controlled in this intermittent way becomes highly resistant to change.
    • Growing resistant soybean cultivars is a very effective way of controlling the disease.
    • Over a period of time they become much more firmly fixed and resistant to decay and interference.
    • There is, though, a small catch: it is not water resistant.
    • Multidrug resistant malaria is not yet a major problem in east and central Africa.
    • Nearly five per cent of all vines grow on their own roots, without having been grafted on to resistant rootstocks.
    • The tiles were designed to be incredibly resistant to heat.
    • To increase the durability of the table, use a finish that is resistant to water stains.
    • Wood from slowly growing trees with narrow rings proved resistant to decay.
    • The hollow bones are thin-walled, but actually quite resistant to stress from bending - the stresses involved in flight.
    • They also investigate the ecological assumption that some organizational features are more resistant to change than others.
    • Already diseases like TB are making a resurgence in the West, including strains increasingly resistant to most antibiotics.
    • So within a short time, there will be millions of germs resistant to penicillin.
    • Antibiotic therapy for these noninfectious problems results in the colonization of highly resistant organisms.
    • Meanwhile, new products are being developed, because most mosquitoes have grown resistant to the original insecticides.
    • His research team was working on a project to prevent bacteria becoming more resistant to antibiotics.
    • The fibers are strong, durable, and resistant to heat.
    • The parasite continuously mutates, making itself resistant to malaria drugs.
    • Will crops that have been genetically manipulated to be resistant to herbicides result in greater use of herbicides?
    • Less resistant strains tend to be killed off by antibiotics, while those which are genetically tougher survive.
  • 2

    resistant to sth resistente a algo