Traducción de resite en Español:


recolocar, v.

Pronunciación /riːˈsʌɪt/

verbo transitivo

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    reubicar América Latina
    • A working party of the Parochial Church Council has been set up to look at where to resite it and the choir vestry is one location under consideration.
    • Nothing, apart from maintenance, has been done to it and plans to resite the club to different sites have come to nothing.
    • The positioning of a small sewage treatment plant threw a spanner in the works as councillors at the development and planning meeting called for it to be resited away from residential properties.
    • It would seem quite feasible for this development to be resited within the approved boundary.
    • But resiting the competition locations and moving all the boats to their new starting point 10 days before the event proved to be a logistical nightmare.
    • He has been campaigning for more than a decade for the power lines that dominate the estate to be resited away from local houses.
    • The development would involve resiting from the existing store - which currently employs about 70 people - and they would relocate staff from there.
    • The turnstiles will be resited closer to the playing area and opposite the main stand we hope to cover some of the standing area adjacent to the cricket field.
    • If this does go ahead it will be on the Oaklands site for the simple reason that there is a public sports centre there and it would cost too much money to resite that elsewhere.
    • Her main concern, she insists, was to protect the children's play area on the 3.5-acre field when the cricketers and others were pressing to resite it - for safety reasons, they say.
    • The amalgamation, which involves resiting some of the departments between the two hospitals, is expected to cost about R35 million.
    • Of 23 declared heritage buildings on the bypass route, I am advised that five will remain in place, 16 will be resited and restored, and one will be reconstructed using other materials.
    • The reunification of the city under a capitalist democracy and the resiting of the capitol there provides sociolinguists with an interesting opportunity to observe interactions between language and changing social structures.
    • Some cable-car stations will have to be resited as the mountainsides they are fixed to begin to crumble.
    • Eight years earlier Edward I had been persuaded to help resite the borough, and by 1283 his town planners had laid out a grid of streets on a hilltop at a place called Iham.
    • Norwich was resited to the south bank of the River Wensum, opposite the site of a probable earlier proto-urban enclave.
    • I spent two hours today poking and poking in order to resite her drip as we cannot find her veins because she is retaining fluid.
    • We are asking them to resite the bins at the rear and the company has said it will try to reposition them.