Traducción de resolute en Español:


resuelto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛzəluːt//ˈrɛzəˌl(j)ut/


  • 1

    the government remained resolute in the face of opposition protests el gobierno se mantuvo firme ante las protestas de la oposición
    • to be resolute actuar con resolución / decisión
    • But as we had seen all afternoon you had two resolute sides battling it out here.
    • I was just as resolute in my determination to spend Christmas with my fiancée.
    • It had emerged in a much improved position, partly due to calm and resolute leadership, he said.
    • They are resolute that they will physically fight back whenever the law and order officers arrive.
    • You feel aligned with others, and resolute in your determination to overcome it.
    • Indeed, the final quarter indicated what they might have been capable of against less resolute opposition.
    • We were simply a resolute group of people determined to make the very best of a very bad deal.
    • Indeed, he seems resolute to make his plans happen but is not trying to cause a revolution.
    • He had his own line of thinking and would defend his views with a resolute sincerity and great conviction.
    • Now they will be ever more resolute not to repeat such a feeble feat.
    • Today he is much more knowledgeable and resolute when it comes to politics.
    • Enlightened moderation is the need of the hour and it requires a resolute effort.
    • It is important to be firm, resolute and committed to get through the first stage.
    • But aides and friends say that beneath his soft image lies a resolute leader.
    • Threats of terror and death can only be met with an implacable and resolute show of force.
    • You can be resolute, I suggest, but your spirit can still be vulnerable.
    • Such a resolute response shows the shops and the police are serious.
    • They are not easily ruffled but can be very firm and resolute in their actions.
    • He was, however, resolute in his course and understood that death was a possibility.
    • Throughout she remained resolute in her determination to find the information she sought.