Traducción de resonance en Español:


resonancia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛzənəns//ˈrɛz(ə)nəns/


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    resonancia femenino
    • The deep resonance of his voice brings out both the wisdom and intimacy of his poems.
    • The deep resonance of the opening logo in each episode always brings a smile!
    • How can you get resonance in voices trained solely for the mike?
    • They each have their own uniquely beautiful voice, yet together they are superb, adding extra resonance to scenes which almost every member of the audience can probably relate to in some way.
    • Fifty-five-gallon oil drums are cut to various depths that determine pitch and resonance of high tenors to deep bass.
    • Now that is a voice. A truly great voice, with resonance, musicality and beauty.
    • In business presentations, voice, particularly its pitch and resonance, can have a small but important impact on the way information given by a speaker is received.
    • However, on ‘Vlu’ an almost dainty melody twitters while that basso profondo voice adds a resonance that pours out of the speakers like thick treacle.
    • It's a virtuoso performance full of muted notes, plucked resonance, bristling clusters, elliptical melodies, rolled chords and tremolos.
    • I envy guys who are comfortable in their own voices and who speak with deep resonance.
    • This creates a homogenous quality to the pieces, as does the particular resonance of the instrument.
    • He'd much rather surround the listener with sound than attack with it, and with Levitate he's created another song cycle of unmatched beauty and resonance.
    • His own voice has matured well, developing resonance and combining the power of his younger years with the savvy he displayed in his white-soul days.
    • From the first few moments, however, the performance took on the feeling of a ceremony with the deep resonance of the cello in the sanctuary and the player's eloquent artistry.
    • She said that each theatre person can find their own truth in spoken language and they can work on their voices to improve their resonance.