Traducción de resonate en Español:


resonar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛznˌeɪt//ˈrɛz(ə)neɪt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • ‘I can do that for you,’ a deep voice resonated behind her.
    • The sound of caws resonated through the forest.
    • The sound is magnificent and resonates throughout the whole house, but the piano remains responsive enough to issue just a whisper of sound if required.
    • It rings below but the whole house resonates with its sound.
    • A vibrating sound resonates through my chest cavity, like a cat purring.
    • Horns, whistles and Caribbean sounds resonated across the city as up to 100,000 people enjoyed the West Indian carnival yesterday.
    • A deep sigh resonated out of me as I tried to sit up.
    • A loud, metallic sound resonated in his ears as he reached out, slamming his hands against the crusted, unseen surface.
    • The deep thud of boots resonated throughout the long passageway.
    • The beat of the drums emulates the beating of the heart - the sound resonates within your body, as if it originated there.
    • Suddenly, sounds of evil laughter resonated through the air.
    • Without any musical background to interfere, his rich, deep, magnificent voice resonated like it never had before.
    • Everything turned black and I was almost asleep when a distinct click sounded, resonating in the room.
    • At his urging I strummed the guitar, closing my eyes as a gorgeous deep sound resonated.
    • There are some great moments in a show that fizzes with cartoonish energy and resonates with the sound of a gospel choir.
    • The sound of pounding hooves resonated through the woods.
    • The sound of gunshots resonated in the distance.
    • The bass was deep and loud, resonating in my chest.
    • He whispered in a deep voice that resonated in Sarah's ears.
    • The smooth sounds resonated through the empty house.