Traducción de resort en Español:


centro turístico, n.

Pronunciación /rɪˈzɔːt//rəˈzɔrt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(for vacations)

      centro turístico masculino
      centro vacacional masculino
      a seaside resort un centro turístico costero
      • a ski resort un centro de esquí
      • But the development of seaside resorts had begun long before.
      • Last year the company reported that more than 20000 holidaymakers filled 15 resorts in the province.
      • Its growth and prosperity also depends on how accessible tourist resorts are to the leisure seekers.
      • Hotels, bars and restaurants in tourist resorts are displaying prices in francs and euros.
      • Schools are open, children are back to school and many of the holiday resorts have put up their shutters once again until the next season.
      • Her announcement of a coastal tourism initiative to help seaside resorts apply for grants to improve facilities and boost jobs is also welcome.
      • There is also much to be said in favour of reviving the seaside holiday in our local resorts which, despite unpredictable weather, can be fun.
      • Package holidays to the best resorts and chalets - especially those including childcare - are selling fast.
      • These innovative products are widely used in tourist resorts, hotels and theme parks.
      • As many properties in Mediterranean holiday resorts are densely built this is likely to be the major source of noise pollution.
      • The Marine Conservation Society is urging holidaymakers at resorts to report their jellyfish encounters - and exercise caution.
      • More cosmopolitan was the world of the spa towns and fashionable resorts, where cures were only one attraction among many.
      • But early indications suggest resorts and urban centres are attracting holidaymakers at the expense of the countryside.
      • International tourist resorts should have international standards.
      • Although the area was only known to a select few for years, the last 10 years has seen a boom in tourism and resorts.
      • Investors and locals are not the only people who buy property in holiday resorts.
      • Many holiday resorts are practically deserted on the West coast and some hotels have been forced to close down because of lack of visitors.
      • Opt for fractional ownership - a concept already in place in holiday resorts and condominiums.
      • Although some villas in holiday resorts do appear to be priced very keenly, you will often find that they are only the size of a good one-bed apartment at home.
      • She doesn't holiday at fashionable resorts, or go to the sea, because she doesn't like swimming or getting a tan.

    • 1.2(haunt)

      a resort of intellectuals and artists un lugar frecuentado por intelectuales y artistas

  • 2

    recurso masculino
    without resort to threats/lying sin recurrir a amenazas/mentiras
    • In many ways they are a last resort after all other courses of action have failed.
    • One teaching union said it disagreed with the training course, which, it said, would make restraint a first course of action for teachers, rather than a last resort.
    • The Director stressed the plans are a last resort, and said the decision would not be taken lightly.
    • Surgery wasn't quite the last resort, but it was getting there.
    • Three years ago Andrea underwent gastric bypass surgery, a last resort for the obese.
    • A spokesman for the Roman Catholic Diocese, which runs the school, said the measure was a last resort.
    • Once considered to be only a last resort, epilepsy surgery has become increasingly common, even for children.
    • Using force is always the last resort and our methods emphasise the safety of young people.
    • He underwent surgery last January to remove a bone spur on his left ankle, but surgery then was considered a last resort after several months of discomfort.
    • For many whites, the migration was not an escape but a last resort; some planned to return home on retirement, many did not wait that long.
    • Cosmetic surgery, the last resort of those who cannot hold on to their youth and beauty through diet and exercise, is expanding exponentially.
    • If for some inexplicable reason, she turns me down, I will have to switch allegiance, but of course that will be a last resort.
    • But if this failed, surgery was the last resort in an effort to improve a sufferer's quality of life.
    • As a last resort, measures could be taken to prevent offending companies from being listed on the stock exchange.
    • Surgery is a last resort, though it sometimes is necessary.
    • The spokesman said he would be discussing with staff the option of taking industrial action, but said he believed this course of action would be a last resort for most of the workers.