Traducción de respite en Español:


respiro, n.

Pronunciación /riˈspaɪt//ˈrɛspɪt//ˈrɛspət//ˈrɛspʌɪt/


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    (from work, worry) respiro masculino
    (from work, worry) descanso masculino
    (from pain) alivio masculino
    (from pain) tregua femenino
    we worked for weeks without (a) respite trabajamos semanas enteras sin (un) respiro / sin descansar
    • she gets no respite from the constant pain nunca siente alivio del dolor
    • The charity concentrates on providing happy memories for the child and their family as well as respite from their normal routines of hospitals, doctors and treatment.
    • Under the mixed-mode plans, residents would have no respite from landings, as both runways would be used from 4am to 11.30 pm.
    • Well, all the girls and teachers at the school are currently enjoying their Christmas holidays, a well earned respite from work and studies.
    • Neither one has been able to continue to work at what they are most passionate about: helping people with fatal diseases gain some respite from pain.
    • It is a time of some rest and perhaps a respite from a busy year of teaching.
    • Charlie wasn't sure if she should try to keep the girl awake or not, but at last decided to give her respite from the pain by letting her rest.
    • To ensure personnel obtain adequate respite from sea service, operational relief rules are amended to incorporate a people element.
    • Colourful deck umbrellas offer respite from the heat.
    • On a cloudless day during the hot season, the walk can turn out to be quite uncomfortable, for there are no shady trees to provide respite from the heat and the dust.
    • The combination of shade and dappled sunlight encourages people to stop and enjoy a cool, quiet respite from a busy day.
    • The heat that day was relentless, and in the west they could see the gathering cumulus clouds that promised a storm, welcome respite from the heat.
    • This phase of the campaign permitted brief, intermittent intervals in rest camps, but respite from the fighting was rare.
    • There are 300 hectares of parks, gardens and green areas within the city boundaries so you're never short of a place of respite from the sightseeing.
    • It seems now that the short remainder of my life will offer me little respite from woe and anguish.
    • They have no respite from routine school activities even during holidays.
    • The brief respite from the pain was used to gasp for breath and try to collect herself.
    • Everyone is scurrying for shade and some respite from the sun.
    • This would be followed by a short period of peace with respite from the pressure inside his head.
    • Then I yanked out another and another and another without pausing to give myself respite from the pain.
    • Occasional large rocks offer respite from the wind during a well-earned rest.
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    prórroga femenino