Traducción de respond en Español:


responder, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈspɑnd//rɪˈspɒnd/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to respond to sth responder / contestar a algo
    • to respond to an advertisement responder / contestar a un anuncio
    • I could barely open my mouth to respond to its statement.
    • A total of 899 participants responded to the survey.
    • It is up to them to respond to any comments if they are unhappy with their standard of service.
    • Her office did not respond to requests for comment Friday.
    • Go to our message boards to respond to Andrew's comments.
    • I immediately responded via e-mail that I would.
    • The clerks either could not be reached or did not respond to requests for comment.
    • She didn't feel it was necessary to respond to that comment.
    • The following remarks are an attempt to respond to his comment.
    • I have been asked to respond on behalf of the judges who heard the appeal.
    • "Just a… nightmare, " she responded with a hopefully believable smile.
    • He'll come back when he wants, " Jady responded with a smile.
    • We would like to take this opportunity to respond to the commentary with more explication of the content of the papers themselves.
    • I try to respond to each comment I receive, no matter how much it might upset me.
    • I just wanted to respond to a comment Amy made on an earlier post.
    • She heard Will respond to Tom's remark quietly, and, though she did not hear what he said, she heard Tom growl and move on.
    • I was determined to remain a disinterested, objective observer in order to respond to student questions or problems.
    • Tess opened her mouth to respond to his last comment, but he stopped her by grabbing her shoulder.
    • I was ready to respond to statements and comments and shy smiles in the halls from people who didn't know how to address the issue.
    • My ability to read and respond to replies will be limited until next week, but feel free to send them along.
  • 2

    to respond to sth responder a algo
    • they responded quickly to the emergency call respondieron con rapidez a la llamada de urgencia
    • the patient is responding to treatment el paciente está respondiendo (bien) al tratamiento
    • plants respond to light las plantas son sensibles a la luz
    • Having the finals weekend was a prestigious event to host and people responded to it.
    • The good news is that people are responding to the level 5 restrictions.
    • Today, responding to market demands, it is emerging as a fashionable garment.
    • The volunteers appealed to the public to cooperate and many visitors responded to this call by taking cloth and paper bags.
    • Our people have responded with courage and compassion, calm and reason, resolve and fierce determination.
    • At last people have responded to the invitation for new members!
    • So this is an ideology I think that people are responding to, but it's not a good one.
    • I think people are clearly responding to politics differently.
    • No clause in the agreement established a mechanism to anticipate or respond to market failures.
    • I like it if it involves interaction, people responding to the work as function.
    • York police respond quickly to most calls for help.
    • It's a good plan, and it's a plan that people are responding to.
    • The police should also respond positively to the call last week by a York boating group for improved riverbank security.
    • Could it be, David, that people are responding to the real crises in society in various ways?
    • People responded with a kindness and generosity I couldn't have imagined.
    • We'd taken that section out, but I'm going to put it back in; the combination of unexpected occurrence and documentary vocabulary is what people responded to.
    • The surrealism that people are probably responding to is just part of the process.
    • People were responding to their situation in the only way they could.
    • A lot of credit must go to the people who have thought this event up and organised it, and people have responded with a very good turnout.
    • Unicef and its partners are also responding to the psychosocial aspects of the disaster.