Traducción de response en Español:


respuesta, n.

Pronunciación /rəˈspɑns//rɪˈspɒns/


  • 1

    respuesta femenino
    her only response was to shake her head sacudió la cabeza por toda respuesta
    • response to sth respuesta a algo
    • in response to your letter/request en respuesta a su carta/a su solicitud
    • she made no response to his invitation no contestó a su invitación
    • Each article I write gets responses or ‘hits’, in the form of letters and emails, and I apologise to those that I don't reply to - I have to ration my time.
    • With few exceptions, the governor's responses, written or otherwise, are not preserved.
    • A total of 502 people attended the public consultation process and the council had received 152 written responses.
    • A further 1,500 written responses, many hostile, came from individuals and organisations.
    • The practitioner then explains what to expect during the session, as certain words would be spoken and verbal responses expected from the client.
    • But despite the advertising blitz, the response has been poor, with just 194 on the internet and a further 19 written responses.
    • Inherited verbal or other social responses are fragmentary and trivial.
    • The hearing was told his four written responses contained ‘political content’ and were a misuse of council letterheads.
    • Rian grabbed a pencil, and wrote down a quick response, and tossed the piece of paper back to her.
    • He wrote back immediately saying that he ought to write a real response but didn't have time at the moment.
    • Even without a verbal response he could tell that his guess had been right.
    • She received a few puzzled looks, but got no verbal responses.
    • The verbal responses to the film are constructed using data from the ‘real life’ of viewers rather than the fictive world defined by the film and filmmaker.
    • Reaction from the initial blueprint was hugely positive with more than 500 people visiting the exhibition and 50 written responses.
    • Our advice worked and she received an immediate, positive response.
    • Readers' responses ranged from delight to dismay - just the sort of diversity of opinion that innovation thrives on.
    • The district council received 301 written responses about the plans and more than 120 people attended a special meeting in October.
    • So, there will be no verbal responses from the audience to the verdict, regardless of the verdict.
    • They received just 14 written responses and another 15 after the public meeting.
    • A report to the board outlines the outcome of the public consultation, which included two well attended public meetings and 20 written responses.
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    responso masculino
    • So out went audible responses, the minister's surplice and the litany.
    • Unison congregational responses alternate with vernacular stanzas sung by a cantor.
    • I listened as, at her own request, she was baptized into the catholic faith, and I made the liturgical responses proper to the child's parent.
    • The ceremony is begun by the priest, assisted by a cantor or church choir that sings the responses.
    • He also arranged Byzantine liturgical responses in Albanian for mixed choirs.
  • 3

    response (to sth)
    • I asked the president for his response to the news le pregunté al presidente cuál era su reacción ante la noticia
    • their actions met with a violent response su conducta tuvo una respuesta violenta
    • public response to the campaign was very generous la respuesta del público a la campaña fue muy generosa
    • the muscle showed no response to the stimulus el músculo no reaccionó frente al estímulo
    • In response to the proposal to ban our organisation, we have held face to face meetings with leading groups and personalities.
    • In response to this lack of leadership, I have decided it is time to campaign for my own legislation.
    • In response to complaints, the governor extended polling by two hours but that led to yet more abuses.
    • He was happy that his marathon performance had evoked a very positive response from the audience.
    • In response to a growing need, Women's Aid is expanding and developing its services.
    • The show has provoked an emotional response from audiences everywhere it has been staged.
    • In response to the tragedy and the subsequent inquiry and recommendations, major changes were made to the safety regime.
    • "I was overwhelmed by the response from people all over the country.
    • In response to this a new service is being launched by Chambers all over the country called Chamber HR.
    • In response to my challenge yesterday to make a playlist of happy songs, Keith wins hands down.
    • In response to increasing battlefield firepower, horse cavalry reduced the armor it used.
    • In response to reports of the collision, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service sent units from as far away as 35 miles.
    • In response to the plight of the two families, a former parish councillor is asking people to help them out by sending donations.
    • In response to my request for more information about Schumann resonances Neil explained them as follows.
    • In response to reader demand, we've also added a comments section.
    • In response to customer demand, the Glasgow store extended its home delivery service earlier this year to include the republic.
    • In response to the vote, the Liberals have hinted they are going to look elsewhere to fulfil our healthcare needs.
    • In response to the motion, the elastic reaction force exerted on the site by the substrate starts to rise.
    • In response to the spate of armed robberies, the Post Office told postmasters and postmistresses warning them to be extra vigilant.
    • In response to that, writers groups warned against signing any such form.