Traducción de responsive en Español:


sensible, adj.

Pronunciación /rəˈspɑnsɪv//rɪˈspɒnsɪv/


  • 1

    (engine/brakes) sensible
    (nature/person) receptivo
    responsive to sth/sb
    • the orchestra was very responsive to the conductor la orquesta le respondió muy bien al director
    • the public was not very responsive to the campaign el público no respondió bien a la campaña
    • Making educational opportunities responsive to personal needs may help consumers to more quickly gain needed skills.
    • Be flexible and responsive to quick change by being informed about the marketplace and current events.
    • Once a system of school choice is established, it should remain flexible and responsive to parental demand.
    • Changing the medical profession from one that is paternalistic to one that is self aware and quickly responsive to society's expectations is a difficult assignment.
    • They are metabolically active and extremely sensitive and responsive to rapid changes in the microenvironment about the leaf.
    • In addition to establishing caring, respectful relationships with students, culturally responsive classroom managers work to create a sense of community.
    • Then in their own self - interest they will come forward and be more responsive.
    • If that wish were granted, I vowed to be the best horse ever, friendly, responsive, and obedient.
    • Now, of course, not all students are so responsive, nor are results achieved overnight.
    • Your character moves quickly and is responsive to all controller commands.
    • The students have been receptive and responsive, and the programs have given them the opportunity to discuss issues that are important to them, she says.
    • I talk to her all the time, and she is usually very friendly and responsive.
    • The only problem that I found with the combos is that the controller sometimes wasn't responsive enough to accept a lot of the button commands, sometimes replying with easier sequences.
    • Two things are urgently needed to plan an acceptable, responsive, and effective service for sick doctors.
    • Although students may not be formally assessed upon the quality of their contributions, conscientious, responsive individuals and analytically minded students are noticed by tutors.
    • Ethan, her eldest brother, had called her at home and she had been responsive and quick to answer him.
    • Left-handers seem to be more acutely sensitive and responsive to novelty than right handers.
    • Demanding time scales require logistic units to set up quickly with the minimum deployment footprint yet remain responsive to rapidly changing operational needs.
    • An enlightened consumer not only protects his interest, but also acts as a responsible and responsive customer, and an asset to the society.
    • What is required is a flexible approach, responsive to the dictates of the facts, case by case.
    • His stance was gentle, respectful, calm, centered, attuned, and responsive.
    • We aim to please and intend to be quickly responsive to market requests whenever possible.
    • I view the changes over the last four decades as largely positive and responsive to the changing needs of the times.
    • See, there are responsive, friendly customer-oriented people out there, working for consumer firms.
    • Specifically, across cultures women have been shown to be on average more emotionally responsive, more socially attuned, and more verbally gifted than men.
    • They are currently living within a family unit that is positive, loving and responsive to their needs.
    • The questions and comments from the students following the talk were engaged and responsive.
    • An effective staffing plan is flexible and responsive to short-term and long-term patient and organizational demands.
    • Automatic reactions will diminish over time as you become more aware of and responsive to them.
    • It also provides motivational strategies which an educator can incorporate into the instruction plan to make it responsive to the interests and needs of students.
    • A key element in this regard is the presence of farm enterprises that are flexible and responsive to the rapidly changing opportunities in today's economy.
    • The teacher alone can create an atmosphere that is positive and appealing just by being receptive, responsive and attentive to students' human needs.
    • The engine is instantly responsive to the driver's wishes and, as the gearbox electronics are intelligently set, progress is seamless.
    • The faculty at my alma mater were excited by their scholarly concerns and eager to share their questions and insights with any responsive student.
    • Opportunities for efficiency of scale are greatest with this type of structure, but, obviously, it is the least flexible and least responsive to local conditions.
    • It is one of my most favourite places because the audience is so responsive.