Traducción de restaurant en Español:


restaurante, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛst(ə)rɒ̃//ˈrɛst(ə)rənt//ˈrɛst(ə)ˌrɑnt//ˈrɛst(ə)rɒnt//ˈrɛst(ə)r(ə)nt/


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    restaurante masculino
    restorán masculino
    • This is also the place to seek out some of the best, and cheapest, restaurants in the whole of France.
    • Fred decides to take his family and friends for a meal at an expensive restaurant.
    • A large number of pubs serving food and restaurants now offer no smoking areas or no smoking at all.
    • It will be an unique urban quarter with cafes, restaurants and places in which to relax.
    • She'd taken him out for dinner at one of the more expensive restaurants in town.
    • Along the way are bars and restaurants ideal for a sunset drink in the soft sea breeze.
    • The few local shops and restaurants catering to summer visitors are closed for the season.
    • A customer of a restaurant is deeply affected by the manner in which staff serve them.
    • Six women in their late twenties are gathered in a London restaurant for dinner.
    • The pub now has two restaurants serving anything from sausages to shark steaks.
    • Why not pause to eat at a decent restaurant and have a recommended local wine with your meal?
    • On the camp site is a well stocked shop and a restaurant, that also serves takeaway dishes.
    • When Lou's father was young, he started a restaurant in the city.
    • "I own the Italian restaurant down the street.
    • Eating out is easy with over 700 restaurants catering to a broad range of tastes.
    • He was going to meet her at the most expensive restaurant in town!
    • It's one of my favourite restaurants, partly for the food but mainly for the atmosphere.
    • All the stores and fast-food restaurants were closed for the day.
    • The market for coffee shops and convenience restaurants has exploded in recent years.
    • The resort's restaurants offer a variety of local and international food.