Traducción de restless en Español:


inquieto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛs(t)ləs//ˈrɛs(t)ləs/


  • 1

    (person/manner) inquieto
    (waves/wind) agitado literario
    the children get restless on long journeys los niños se ponen muy inquietos en los viajes largos
    • the patient had a restless night el paciente pasó mala noche / no descansó bien
    • Her infant son sat next to her and was fidgeting, restless and unable to sleep.
    • Josh, feeling restless, read a book he'd checked out from the library in his bed.
    • He ploughed on for 35 minutes and his audience grew increasingly restless.
    • She rocked me back and forth in her arms, much like quieting a restless babe.
    • I'd woken up almost every half hour through out the night feeling queasy before falling back into a restless doze.
    • Glass may have been the material that best expressed the restless spirit of art nouveau.
    • Before they got restless and left the table, I cleared my throat and made an announcement.
    • She knew she shouldn't be lying in her bed, moaning and complaining of her troubled mind and restless heart.
    • The animals were restless, disturbed by the smell of fire permeating the building.
    • She felt restless just sitting there and tried to think of something to do.
    • I could tell you what time Ms. Craven had her tea, and when the boys would get restless and want to go home.
    • In an age of restless channel surfing, you couldn't ask for anything better than this.
    • She is 67 now, but sprightly with a fierce, restless energy.
    • I was restless and unable to drop off, my mind going one hundred miles an hour and flitting from one topic to the next.
    • She splashed from one thing to another, an unruly girl, now a restless, impetuous woman.
    • Feeling suddenly restless, I began to swim away from him, wanting to stretch my limbs.
    • He was tired from a restless night of thinking and practicing his diplomatic procedures.
    • There was a near record league game crowd growing increasingly restless at their teams' paucity of decent play.
    • Abdul had been there for less then three hours and already he was restless.
    • I really hoped that I was right, because I was growing restless from the two long days.
    • And then, sometimes I was just restless and bored, though the film was consistently watchable.
    • She knew her crew was getting tired and restless, and the supplies wouldn't hold out forever.
    • To be rid of these restless feelings and emotions, he need only take a few steps to the recreation room.
    • As I left the meeting room to get ready for training, my body was restless with anticipation.
    • Fans were becoming restless, and the aggressive Phillies wanted to please the crowd.
    • I grew increasingly restless with each passing day, until I finally could stand it no longer.
    • Unfortunately, I was a restless sleeper and had my legs twisted in my sheets.
    • He would occasionally fidget around in his chair restless from his captivity.
    • She spent all night with her eyes shut but her restless mind wouldn't settle.
    • I'm a restless sleeper, so I ended up waking up a lot.
    • I got very little sleep, but I was a powerhouse of restless energy.
    • There is a restless feel about this group, but I let the first forty minutes continue as planned.
    • Jonah spent several restless hours pacing in circles around his room, waiting for Yap to wake up.
    • I needed something to quiet my thoughts, but my mind was too restless for sleep.
    • He was as fussy and fastidious as many great writers, prone to restless and often tiny adjustments.
    • I fell into a fitful, restless sleep, one that was preoccupied with thoughts of him.
    • It was still early but I was feeling restless so I grabbed my keys and let myself out of the house quietly.
    • It was a hard night for him, with a full but restless and unresponsive audience.
    • Some people with restless legs syndrome also have periodic limb movements during sleep.
    • Texas beckoned not only their restless, adventurous spirits but evoked family heritage as well.
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    to get / become restless impacientarse
    • she already feels restless in that job ya tiene ganas de cambiar de trabajo