Traducción de retinoic acid en Español:

retinoic acid

ácido retinóico, n.

Pronunciación /ˌrɛtnˌoʊɪk ˈæsɪd//rɛtɪˈnəʊɪk/



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    ácido retinóico masculino
    • For the research, Stephensen exposed mouse immune-system cells, in petri dishes, to a form of vitamin A known as retinoic acid, along with a protein that mimics an infectious microbe.
    • For the study, 266 long-time smokers who had kicked the habit at least one year previously were randomly assigned to receive two forms of retinoic acid - commonly known as vitamin A - or a placebo.
    • One exception is prescription retinoic acid (found in Renova and Retin-A), which has been shown to improve the appearance of newer, red stretch marks.
    • After applying retinoic acid every day for six months, only a third of users will notice moderate improvement in wrinkles or spotty discoloration.
    • Because of the known teratogenic side effects of high-dose vitamin A, there is limited application of retinoic acid for women of reproductive age.