Traducción de retouch en Español:


retocar, v.

Pronunciación /riˈtətʃ//riːˈtʌtʃ/

verbo transitivo

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    (photograph/painting) retocar
    to retouch one's makeup retocarse el maquillaje
    • Creating a collotype in which he hand retouched his gestural marks to give them the correct scale, and adding color notes in the margin, Hamilton layered it in a 40-color screenprint.
    • He instructed the marquise in drawing and sometimes retouched her engravings.
    • Hearing that Hargreaves had touched up the woman's face as well, he sent for the picture and found that the face had indeed been retouched.
    • The camera sends the images into a computer network, where they are retouched, catalogued, and subjected to the wonders of technology.
    • In three adjoining rooms, thousands of images are scanned, color-corrected, digitally retouched, and readied for Web distribution.
    • Yes, of course he was: he was consulting the very portfolios and notebooks where those copies were kept, retouching his early paintings, and even going to the Louvre to copy as late as 1897.
    • That is why people fight for access to the laboratories where photographs are retouched and biographies are rewritten.
    • Heartfield had a production team to cut, retouch, add type, and otherwise make the photomontages, which makes him more of an art director.
    • Adobe Photoshop was originally created as a convenient and powerful way to retouch photos.
    • There, on display at newsstands from coast to coast, was a photo of the New American Family, looking for all the world like a Norman Rockwell painting retouched by Charles Addams.
    • Distinctions between what is recreated, retouched and invented digitally are difficult to discern.
    • Jabach is known to have retouched drawings in his collection, and Viatte suggests that all the drapery studies have suffered this fate.
    • Sixty years before the Russian revolution, Abraham Lincoln credited a photographer with assisting in his electoral victory by retouching a portrait to shorten his neck and make him appear more youthful.
    • He then applied a diluted oil-based, semi-opaque wash to soften the lines and then carefully retouched the details using dots made by a fine brush, before applying another very thin wash in a kind of sandwich, Franck says.
    • Penetrating sealers (mentioned under staining) penetrate the pores of the wood, so the finish wears as the wood wears and can be retouched with wax in heavy-traffic areas.
    • Justine says, ‘Everything is retouched, though I like to try to keep a ‘realness’ to my work.
    • If needed, the image is digitally retouched to amplify contrast between the art work and its photographic matrix.
    • I'm still using film, which I scan, retouch in Photo Shop, and print on an inkjet.
    • It should be remembered, however, that many copper plates survived the death of an artist such as Rembrandt, and were retouched and republished by various persons, in some cases for centuries.
    • Thanks to its faster processor, consumers can retouch photos, talk with friends, and surf the Internet at the same time.