Traducción de retrograde en Español:


retrógrado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛtrəɡreɪd//ˈrɛtrəˌɡreɪd/


  • 1

    (attitude) retrógrado
    (measure/policy) retrógrado
    (policy/measure) que constituye un retroceso
    (measure/policy) que constituye un paso hacia atrás
    a retrograde step un paso hacia atrás
    • Closing small rural primary schools is a retrograde step, " said Deputy Ring.
    • Whatever one calls the event, under the influence, first of Alfred Cobban, later of Francois Furet, the view of the Revolution as an attack of the bourgeoisie against a retrograde feudal order was demolished.
    • Ned and Stacey asks the question of whether such a preposterously retrograde idea could be the basis of a comedy in the 1990s.
    • However, a retrograde feature is that the vehicle only has one airbag, almost uniquely on the Irish market.
    • It seemed to stand for everything that was most retrograde and irrelevant.
    • Perhaps the model is in need of some updating, and no longer fulfils all of its original objectives, but replacing it with an even more flawed design is surely a retrograde step.
    • The song can be perceived in a feminist way - as attacking retrograde, restrictive beauty standards that obviously not a lot of women can relate to.
    • Mr Ancram called the company's decision to close the post office a retrograde step.
    • Life drawing has come to be regarded as a retrograde activity that now represents an ideological divide.
    • Against those who viewed the ‘ama de casa’ as a retrograde obstacle to modernization, the Association reminded them of the social value of housewives in the regulation of the family economy and the formation of children.
    • Morgan argues that forcing organization theory into lexicons, literal language and precise formulations is a retrograde step.
    • The removal of car tax also proved irresistible to drivers but is seen in retrospect as a retrograde step, and, according to Brennan, ‘over the top’.
    • Residential school histories portray in painful detail an educationally retrograde system of regimentation and deculturalization stretching right across the country.
    • In fact, throughout the strike the union refused to discuss what it believed to be the company's retrograde plan.
    • The introduction into logic of psychological criteria of conclusiveness and truth is now often thought of as a retrograde step.
    • Rather, hers was a revivalism that could use indigenous culture, especially the Irish language, to expose the retrograde tendencies that persisted within Irish society.
    • Would this, in the eyes of the Government, be a retrograde step?
    • You don't need to be a usability expert to see that this is a retrograde step.
    • The appellant asserts that the building was uninhabitable when he moved in, and that to return it to that state would be a retrograde step.
    • That had been regarded as a retrograde move by some critics; Tchaikovsky did not fit with their taste.
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    (orbit/motion) retrógrado
    • Before Copernicus formulated his theory, retrograde planetary motions were just ‘facts’.
    • Just 220 km in diameter, Phoebe is in a very peculiar, retrograde orbit, and is very dark.
    • It has an odd, retrograde rotation so slow that one Venus day is around 250 Earth days long.
    • Or, look at the movement of Saturn, which turns retrograde on October 11.
    • All six are retrograde orbits with inclinations greater than 90 degrees.
    • There are dozens of less retrograde travelers in whose hoofprints we will also be journeying, for whom the pleasures of Eastern travel were not so strictly identical with the sublime egotism of Western identity formation.
    • Through a careful examination of the retrograde motion of Mercury through Cassiopeia, and the conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune, I've discovered that today is Doug's thirteen hundred and fiftieth birthday.
    • The remaining three, however, have retrograde orbits.
    • The larger impact sites have prompted speculation that collisions in Phoebe's past could have blasted off enough material to have formed Saturn's smaller retrograde moons.
    • The Sun's conjunction with retrograde Mercury in Cancer shows her dislike of public speaking.
    • Mercury turns retrograde, this time in the air sign of Libra, from September 14 to October 6.