Traducción de retry en Español:


volver a juzgar, v.

Pronunciación /riˈtraɪ//riːˈtrʌɪ/

verbo transitivoretried, retrying, retries

  • 1

    Derecho (defendant) volver a juzgar
    Informática (procedure) volver a intentar
    • The browser will then ask the user to retry their user name and password.
    • Bizarrely, retrying the original dates threw up the same error message.
    • The Appeals Chamber may dismiss the appeal, or acquit the appellant, or order that the accused be retried, or change the sentence.
    • Try shutting them down one at a time, and retrying your install.
    • You cannot just keep retrying cases and cases, that is the law.
    • I am unable to conclude therefore that the defendant would have any reasonable prospect of success if the matter were now to be retried.
    • Because the verdict was critically tainted, it ordered that the defendant be retried.
    • When you retry you will have to sit for thirty seconds while it loads.
    • Since Cleanfeed gives a ‘not found’ error, people visiting the sites are going to assume that it was an error and probably retry at least once.
    • Seven months later, the accused was retried and found guilty as charged.