Traducción de return en Español:


volver, v.

Pronunciación /rɪˈtəːn//rəˈtərn/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (go back)
    (to a place) volver
    (to a place) regresar
    (to former activity, state) volver
    regresar a algo
    to return to sth volver a algo
    • he returned to Spain volvió / regresó a España
    • they returned home late volvieron / regresaron tarde a casa
    • the series will be returning to our screens soon la serie volverá pronto a nuestras pantallas
    • she never returned to the game nunca volvió a jugar
    • they returned to the task with renewed energy volvieron a la tarea / reanudaron la tarea con renovadas energías
    • to return to what we were saying earlier, ... volviendo a lo que decíamos anteriormente, ...
    • He returns to flying and a glorious career as a fighter pilot.
    • The waitress returned to their table with their orders, but the food was left unnoticed.
    • When he returned to the living area, his three crewmates had already returned.
    • Instead of returning to the Irish rock scene, he resolved to pursue his musical ambitions in a more low-key way.
    • I returned to Europe in 1977 and did not work in Africa again until ten years later.
    • We forget that, in music, there are some people who are just great and worth returning to.
    • I now have hopes for Nickelodeon to return to something like the glory it enjoyed during my childhood.
    • Every Saturday she returned to the same bench with his lunch, waiting for him to return.
    • Morley had only just returned to action after 10 weeks out following back surgery.
    • A decade later he returns, this time to the small Wiltshire village of Longbridge Deverill.
    • She went to the kitchen and returned with a basket full of food.
    • As the series opens, Megan is returning to work after six months off following the death of her husband.
    • The car returned in the direction it had come, back towards Cassais.
    • They had gone out to eat, and had just returned back to their hotel.
    • Meursault simply returns to his desk and continues to work after the discussion.
    • He moved there initially for a year on an exchange with a German university, with the intention of returning to the UK.
    • She found that returning to her first love, the circus, was like a breath of fresh air.
    • Later he joined the Royal Navy but he was discharged and so returned to Scotland to resume his studies.
    • After Alexis' illness passed our lives returned to normal and continued in the same way.
    • When Katherine returned home she was greeted by her brother in the hallway.
    • She was in service and was employed at the Ashcroft Academy, a school for young gentlemen at Wentworth, where she stayed throughout the week returning home each weekend to be with her family.
    • After years of experience in the workplace, returning to education was an exciting and stimulating prospect.
    • Sonia headed for the shore but returned to the boat when she realised that the others were not following.
    • The band returned to Seattle because Geffen asked them to, so of course I happily returned with them.
    • A waitress mopped up the water, then returned to work because the restaurant was busy.
    • So Aileen returns to her old trade, which spirals into violence and tragedy.
    • Sloan dropped Elena off at home and then returned home himself.
    • Fortune only recently returned to action after 10 months off course because of a serious back problem.
    • A group of ducks were bobbing off to the right, dipping their heads beneath the surface and returning seconds later, with beads of water rolling off their waxy feathers.
    • China successfully completed its manned space flight as Yang safely returned to earth.
    • Almost everyone had a family member or friend who had migrated and returned or continued to live abroad.
  • 2

    (symptom) volver a aparecer
    (symptom) presentarse de nuevo
    (doubts/suspicions) resurgir
    the child's cheerfulness returned el niño recuperó la alegría
    • The familiar feelings of longing returned, and his heart ached for her.
    • Now, upon seeing her again, that uneasy feeling had returned.
    • I hoped I could do well at the match, though my doubts were returning again.
    • Chastity sighed in relief, but fear quickly returned when she noticed the forest was no longer bright and magical, but dark and eerie.
    • Now an all too common feeling of claustrophobic despair had returned.
    • As he and his wife stuffed me with food, passed me a hot-water bottle and tucked me in, confidence returned.
    • She felt her acute fear of heights returning as the path became less smooth and considerably steeper and narrower.
    • I was almost happy as the familiar hot feeling of anger returned in me like a long lost companion.
    • Adriana's sadness had returned, the sadness that had come like a recurring ache ever since she had left the Sila.
    • She had never danced before, and all her feelings of awkwardness returned.
    • Confidence returned, convincing buyers not to delay buying.
    • LaCienega gulped, but the girl's bravery returned when she saw her friend's smile.
    • He left the room and I lay back as the dizzy feeling returned.
    • I felt so unsatisfied and the empty feeling returned, nagging at me.
    • The feeling returned, of perseverance to love him forevermore.
    • Her breathing returned to normal and she started to feel strength returning.
    • Soon, however, Altair began humming, his usual cheery mood returning.
    • The cold, eerie feeling returned, and her voice trailed off.
    • Words had yet to be spoken, and Katherine found her apprehension returning in the silence.
    • As we walked out of the park, I felt a bit of my strength and joy returning.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (give back)
    regresar América Latina Cono Sur
    restituir formal
    regresarle algo a algn América Latina Cono Sur
    to return sth to sb devolverle / restituirle algo a algn formal
    • she returned the letter to the file volvió a poner la carta en el archivo
  • 2

    (affection) corresponder a
    (blow/favor) devolver
    (greeting) devolver
    (greeting) corresponder a
    to return sb's call devolverle la llamada a algn
    • to return fire devolver el fuego
    • to return good for evil devolver bien por mal
  • 3

    (in tennis) devolver
    (in tennis) restar España
  • 4

    (in cards)
  • 5literario

    replicar literario
  • 6

    (verdict) emitir
    the jury returned a verdict of guilty el jurado emitió un veredicto de culpabilidad
  • 7

    (profit/income) producir
    (profit/income) dar
  • 8Britanico

  • 9

    (candidate) reelegir


  • 1

    (to place)
    regreso masculino formal literario
    vuelta femenino formal literario
    retorno masculino formal literario
    the return to school el regreso / la vuelta al colegio
    • on his return a su regreso
    • the return of this series to our screens el retorno de la serie a nuestras pantallas
  • 2

    (to former activity, state)
    vuelta femenino
    retorno masculino
  • 3

    reaparición femenino
    the return of the symptoms la reaparición de los síntomas
    • his words brought a return of my earlier doubts sus palabras hicieron resurgir mis dudas iniciales
    • many happy returns of the day! ¡feliz cumpleaños!
  • 4

    (flight/journey) de vuelta
    (flight/journey) de regreso
    (fare/ticket) de ida y vuelta Britanico
    (ticket/fare) de viaje redondo Britanico México
    by return mail a vuelta de correo
  • 5

    de vuelta
    the return game la revancha
  • 6

    (to owner) devolución femenino
    (to owner) regreso masculino América Latina Cono Sur
    (of thing bought) devolución femenino
    thanks for the return of the coat muchas gracias por regresarme el abrigo América Latina Cono Sur
    • this book is due for return next week hay que devolver este libro la semana que viene
  • 7

    (sth given back)
    devolución femenino
    the show is sold out, but you may be able to get returns las localidades están agotadas, pero quizás consigas alguna devolución
    • (in library) please place returns here se ruega dejar aquí los libros devueltos
  • 8

    by return (of post) a vuelta de correo
    • in return a cambio
    • in return for sth a cambio de algo
    • I can offer you nothing in return no te puedo ofrecer nada a cambio
    • they offered him a share in return for his silence le ofrecieron una parte a cambio de su silencio
  • 9

    rendimiento masculino
    return on sth rendimiento de algo
    • we expect a good return on our investments esperamos un buen rendimiento de nuestras inversiones
    • the rate of return has been disappointing la tasa de rendimiento ha sido decepcionante
    • the law of diminishing returns la ley de los rendimientos decrecientes
    • we haven't seen much return on our efforts nuestros esfuerzos no se han visto muy recompensados
  • 10tax return

    declaración (de la renta) femenino
    declaración de impuestos femenino América Latina
  • 11

    declaración femenino
    the analysis is based on the returns of over 1,000 people el análisis se basa en las declaraciones de más de 1.000 personas
  • 12returns pl

    (masculine plural) (data) datos
    (feminine plural) (figures) cifras
    we won't know who's won until all the returns are in no se sabrá quién ganó hasta que no hayan llegado todos los resultados
  • 13

    devolución femenino
    return of serve devolución del servicio / saque
  • 14Britanico

    boleto de ida y vuelta masculino
    billete de ida y vuelta masculino España
    tiquete de ida y vuelta masculino Colombia
    boleto de viaje redondo masculino México
  • 15also carriage return

    interlineación femenino