Traducción de revalue en Español:


revalorizar, v.

(US revaluate)

Pronunciación /riˈvælju//riːˈvaljuː/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (currency) revalorizar
    (currency) revaluar América Latina
    • And China shows no signs of significantly revaluing its currency or loosening its fiscal policy - steps that some experts believe would be the best way for it to boost domestic demand.
    • So getting Beijing to revalue the yuan won't be easy, but it's necessary.
    • Malaysia is also a big exporter of electronic goods, which will be more expensive to importers if the currency is revalued.
    • Malaysia's ringgit has been pegged at 3.80 to the dollar since the Asian financial crisis and speculation has been growing that it will be revalued against the US currency soon.
    • The Irish currency was revalued by 3 per cent against the German mark in March 1998.
  • 2

    (worth/reputation) reevaluar
    (worth/reputation) revalorar
    • Some analysts revaluing the company now believe that C&W's UK assets together are worth less than C&W paid for Energis.
    • You should have your policy revalued by the life company and produce this valuation when it is encashed and the tax falls due.
    • ‘Property taxes are the real demon in Malibu, especially if you renovate, which gives the city an excuse to revalue your house,’ said James Respondek, of Sotheby's Realty in Los Angeles.
    • Investors are expected to spend the next 48 hours deciding the fate of M & S, which has also revalued property at £3.6 billion and acquired the Per Una fashion brand.
    • In addition, Rusnak - who enjoyed a basic annual salary of around $110,000 - manipulated the market prices that were used to revalue his trade positions every day.
    • After the pension scheme was revalued in the wake of the dotcom bubble, that surplus turned to a deficit.
    • The auditor-general thereupon revoked his directive to revalue all properties at changeover.
    • Nor has it revalued its promising retail warehousing, where an improving tenant mix is leading to a rise in rents.
    • Mr Rose is also revaluing M & S's property portfolio in advance of a possible sale-and-leaseback deal that could release cash.
    • After that, the portfolio was revalued by $175 million, bringing us the final figure of $360 million in losses.
    • Under the scheme, merged banks are allowed to revalue their assets and implement a staggered booking of valuation reserves.
    • When the property was revalued at $203,000 the bank demanded the investor put in another $50,000 to maintain a loan to equity ratio of 75%.
    • The valuator along with four assistants then began the process of revaluing the 38000 rateable properties in Windhoek.
    • After that, properties were revalued only after being sold.
    • Yesterday's rather grandly named race was revalued by the unseasonally fast ground and those who took the 2-1 on about Ansar were given an early heart attack when he hammered the second fence with his chest.
    • A competing proposal from Britain would pay for expanded debt relief by revaluing the IMF's gold reserves according to world prices and by getting wealthy nations to commit more money.
    • To escape the budget syndrome, we need to reassert core values and revalue faculty expertise and participation.
    • But Norwich Union had revalued the sum insured each year in line with the house-building index produced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics).
    • Analysts worry that many companies will report losses after revaluing their assets in accordance with the stricter rules.
    • When he switched his mortgage earlier this year, his property was revalued.