Traducción de revamp en Español:


reformar, v.

Pronunciación /riˈvæmp//riːˈvamp/

verbo transitivo

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    (interior/building) reformar
    (building/interior) arreglar
    (modernize) modernizar
    (strategy/image) cambiar
    (image/strategy) poner al día
    • Olson says that he'll be revamping the dance formats throughout the summer.
    • Next on the agenda is revamping the front of the school.
    • The owners cannot begin revamping the building until insurance companies have surveyed the damage, which could take the whole of January.
    • Over recent years, the Waterford store has been continuously revamped and upgraded.
    • Instead, they now are aggressively revamping the educational system.
    • Once the new Sonata hits the road, Hyundai wants to revamp its entire lineup.
    • Coles is later than Woolies in revamping its logistics chain, so the gains aren't apparent yet.
    • A heavily revamped Saturday lineup drew wildly mixed reviews.
    • Warehouses on River Street overlooking St Peter's Way will be revamped to create modern offices.
    • It had such a following when it came out that they revamped the whole thing and put in Morgan Freeman to narrate it.
    • Sugar Ray are the best example of a band selling out as they revamp their image.
    • If they're worried about readership, CanWest should consider revamping Metro's design.
    • Once a commitment is made to addressing diversity, the educator can begin revamping the curriculum.
    • The main emphasis will be on improving the condition of buildings and revamping facilities including toilets, roofing and drainage.
    • Putting the hardest job first, Republicans placed revamping Social Security at the top of the list.
    • I'm planning on revamping my wardrobe over the next two weeks.
    • The two major shopping malls in the area have now been revamped and upgraded.
    • A leading Yorkshire theatre is revamping its season ticket scheme in the hope of attracting thousands of new visitors.
    • To start with, corporate culture and attitude from top to bottom have to be revamped in this direction.
    • A number of Sir Michael's movie classics have been revamped for modern audiences.


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    reforma femenino
    modernización femenino
    our image needs a complete revamp necesitamos un cambio radical de imagen
    • to give sth a revamp reformar / modernizar algo