Traducción de revere en Español:


venerar, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈvɪr//rɪˈvɪə/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    (person/quality/work) venerar
    (quality/person/work) reverenciar formal
    • In the interests of good government it is essential that the monarch be revered, but not genuinely loved.
    • The point is, from an early age, children come to admire and revere superheroes, if not for what they stand for, then for what they can do.
    • Hank loves and reveres the music, but has fun with it too.
    • We will always love you, and revere your amazing grace in that wonderful season.
    • Just as we are commanded to show respect for God's name, so also must we revere His teachings.
    • He reveres tradition and worships speed, riding hundreds of miles a week, logging at least 30 miles before work.
    • Survivals from the earliest centuries of Christianity were also revered among their treasures.
    • The people of Bastar revere their heroes and worship Mother Earth for her life sustaining bounty.
    • It's rare to find a singer who reveres his fans almost as much as they worship him.
    • There great footballers are revered, and, crucially, are measured by the prizes they have won.
    • Here was a man who loved and revered God more than anyone I had ever known, either in person or in their writings.
    • It is obvious to see why we revere literature of this sort; why we offer Nobel prizes to its creators, and form awestruck reading groups to pay it homage.
    • Now the tantric injunction to respect, honor and revere the body makes sense.
    • It is, therefore, obligatory on every Muslim to respect and revere these holy places.
    • I adore, admire and revere their faith, their endurance, their agonizing love for God.
    • This is because they worship and revere the jaguar as the Amazon's ultimate predator.
    • There is no better way to consider the significance of the Sun in astrology than to reflect upon its importance to a culture whose survival was dependent upon respecting and revering its power.
    • Since American pop culture reveres stardom, rappers often garner more attention and respect than they deserve.
    • The Romans adulated and revered the god of conquest, Mars, son of Jupiter.
    • If we could revere our planet with the same respect and love that we gave in the past to God, it would benefit us as well as Earth.