Traducción de reverential en Español:


reverencial, adj.

Pronunciación /rɛvəˈrɛnʃ(ə)l//ˌrɛvəˈrɛn(t)ʃ(ə)l/


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    • Damn, I was simply trying to strike the appropriate, reverential tone for this great institution.
    • If even the Holocaust, or, more correctly, the hushed and reverential tones in which we typically discuss it, is a fit subject for humour, then why not disability?
    • Fans still talk about it in near reverential tones.
    • The ambience is one of total comfort, without the reverential - and off-putting - hush that some ostensibly great restaurants seem to encourage.
    • If anything she's too reverential and deferential.
    • They have a special feeling to them, not the least of which is provided by the house itself which is grand and reverential and thick with age like its great works of art.
    • Perhaps it was the violin's formidable heritage, or the choice of repertoire, which accounts for the politely reverential tone of much of the recording.
    • Ancient Babylon, with its glistening towers and lavish horticultural cascades, must once have inspired similar reverential whispers.
    • The atmosphere was reverential, rather than tense.
    • I'm certain they had a Chess channel, where epochal matches of the past were recreated in hushed reverential tones.
    • While Gandhi wrote to Leo Tolstoy in the most reverential terms, the Count addressed him as ‘Dear Friend.’
    • Wars grow to look the same, demonstrations are cut from a loop of video, and natural disasters have their stock shots, their reverential tone and their lexicon of clichés.
    • But, for the most part, the media coverage of the pope's death has been intelligent, respectful, and even reverential.
    • Out of respect for the lost leader, talk of a succession contest has been muted but, despite the reverential treatment, there is no rule in politics that states that the meek shall inherit the earth.
    • You can't be too reverential or take those famous Pinter pauses - totally natural breaks in conversation - to an extreme, because it can get a bit stiff.
    • We must tread on nature softly with reverential silence.
    • Hicks offers a reverential homage to nature, while a slightly pompous drama slowly unfolds.
    • And at a time when the country needed to be cheered up, the sight of our reverential politicians getting the mickey taken out of them was as uplifting a vision as could be.
    • Nigel and Fergal look on with a variety of pained and reverential expressions - at one point actually sitting in pews while a survivor reads to the congregation from the Bible.
    • There, most voices conjoin in reverential awe.