Traducción de reversion en Español:


vuelta, n.

Pronunciación /rəˈvərʒən//rɪˈvəːʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (to former state, practice)
    vuelta femenino
    reversión femenino formal
    reversion to type reversión / regresión al tipo original femenino
    • But because Gorbachev had not yet consolidated his hold on power, or perhaps because the sheer scale of what was happening in Ukraine scared him, the Chernobyl disaster occasioned a reversion to old habits.
    • This kind of intimate killing is a reversion to pre-industrial warfare - the kind of brutality seen in the Thirty Years War, for example.
    • And so I wonder if there is a reversion to some of that Cold War mindset.
    • Another friend notes a shift in the type of gifts given at wedding showers, a reversion to 1950s-style offerings: soup ladles and frilly aprons are being unwrapped along with see-through nighties and push-up bras.
    • This year represents a reversion to form, with the highly debatable ‘influence’ as the new twist.
    • The British are still reticent about their deepest fears - class war, a reversion to economic feudalism, the spectre of an all-dominant and all-vapid consumer society.
    • The return to a policy of non-intervention in Afghanistan was a reversion to a mid-Victorian orthodoxy, rather than simply a reflection of Gladstone's personal views.
    • For larger companies, including the Rangers and Arsenal football clubs and the brewer Adnams, a reversion to the previous system is likely to have a minimal effect on investors.
    • Lee leaves behind a young, but firmly rooted democracy, that makes a reversion to the past decade's reforms only a very remote possibility.
    • The institution of joint army/police patrols in the cities aroused mixed feelings; they may have been necessary where crime was large-scale and violent, but they were thought to symbolize a reversion to coercive practices.
    • It was a reversion to type not unknown from the leader of a party that, from the start, set itself firmly against democracy and inclusivity.
    • His references to ‘God’ did not mark a reversion to religion, but expressed a certain awe at the workings of nature.
    • Consensus was readily reached on one proposition: that a reversion to depression conditions was intolerable and unacceptable.
    • The most powerful impulse of the time can be summed up as neoclassicism, a reversion to the purist attempts of the Renaissance to reproduce classical models.
    • The change in occupational structure shows the image of a reversion to trend after the short-term break caused by the economic crisis.
    • The hospital's environmental project co-ordinator, said the change was merely a reversion to the system that operated at the old Princess Margaret Hospital.
    • ‘It's very important to press ahead to avoid a reversion to the bad old days,’ said one person.
    • Although this might seem a reversion to earlier consensus or opinion based guidelines, it is very useful where necessary evidence is found to be lacking despite an extensive literature search.
    • On the surface this seems like a reversion to the traditional area of politics.
    • Most Irish commentators speak in terms of soft landings, corrections, or a reversion to more balanced growth rates from 2008 onwards.
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    reversión femenino
    • Thus when the lease is disclaimed it is determined and the reversion accelerated but the rights and liabilities of others, such as guarantors and original tenants, are to remain as though the lease had continued and not been determined.
    • Until recently there seems to have been some lack of awareness of the provision for reversion, but this is probably no longer the case.
    • For these reasons we prefer the analysis put forward in the respondent's notice to the theory of automatic reversion which the judge favoured.
    • Thirdly, do they say there was an estate in reversion created in the Crown under these statutes?
    • The underlease contained various covenants by Mr Walker and Mr Mittee not to deal in any way with the reversion to the lease.