Traducción de review en Español:


crítica, n.

Pronunciación /rɪˈvjuː//rəˈvju/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of book, film)

      crítica femenino
      reseña femenino
      to get good reviews ser ponderado por la crítica
      • before noun review copy ejemplar para la prensa
      • review editor crítica

    • 1.2(report, summary)

      resumen masculino
      reseña femenino

    • 1.3(magazine)

      revista femenino
      publicación femenino

    • 1.4(show)

      revista femenino

  • 2

    • 2.1(reconsideration)

      revisión femenino
      salary review revisión salarial
      • salary under review el sueldo está en estudio
      • my salary comes up for review next month el mes que viene me toca la revisión salarial
      • working methods are under review los métodos de trabajo están siendo reexaminados
      • before noun review body comisión inspectora

    • 2.2Militar

      revista femenino

    • 2.3US (for exam)

      repaso masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(consider)

      (prospects/situation) examinar
      (situation/prospects) estudiar
      • Medecins Sans Frontieres have shown no intention to review their decision to pull out of the country in July for their workers' safety.
      • The group will meet at least once a year to assess and review the plan.
      • We reviewed the literature that assesses the cost effectiveness of CPD interventions in health care.
      • The spokeswoman said the SEC always reviews its policies and procedures at the end of each examination season.
      • More than 300 Reservists reviewed and evaluated the True Blue posters, pamphlets, brochures, videos and Web site.
      • The list of drug interactions with cisapride has been updated since this topic was reviewed in a past newsletter.
      • However, awareness of this limitation is necessary when reviewing the study results.
      • They are scheduled to formally review the progress in bilateral talks on all outstanding issues in August.
      • During your first few days on the unit we will review routines and procedures with you.
      • Joint doctrine and literature were reviewed to assess how they should work together versus how they do work together.
      • We have our procedures for reviewing the committee reports.
      • She is wistful and pleased as she reviews past events.
      • The government should take its next step by rethinking and reviewing its policies.
      • In June 1994 the Commission also announced its intention to review Directive 90 220.
      • Instead, he suggested, the drill should be taped and then reviewed to evaluate employees' performance.
      • PhotoForum can see that it is necessary to review tertiary education.
      • Downer said Australia has no intention of immediately reviewing its policy of sanctions against Fiji.
      • Mid fall is also a good time to review fire prevention procedures.
      • The company pledged to review its security procedures in light of the highly-embarrassing attack.
      • The Wisconsin site data are reviewed to assess these presumed temporal relationships.
      • We reviewed the data management procedures and found them to be in order.
      • When I returned home, I decided it was a good time to review wake turbulence procedures.
      • In Hobart for the state launch of the AFI awards screening, Mr Lawrence said the institute had reviewed its role and was now looking to a promising future.
      • An Air Transport Association spokesman said airlines are reviewing the plan and will later comment formally.
      • While in holding, the crew reviewed the three-engine landing checklist.
      • Every UK local authority website is reviewed and assessed against e-government and good practice criteria.
      • With single-name notes came more risk and banks began to review their credit procedures.
      • It was the only trial in which outcomes were not assessed or reviewed blind of treatment allocation.
      • To understand the nature of Mr. Dewberry's suit, it is necessary to review the recent history of Corcoran Prison.
      • The institutes will review the findings and recommendations in the report carefully over coming weeks.
      • When necessary, priorities were reviewed and time reallocated to provide this elective.
      • It is, however, necessary to review the banks' approach to loans.
      • He or she reviews the necessary steps of the bowel prep to include remaining on a clear liquid diet for two days before surgery.
      • ‘We'll try to economize the use of water first and make necessary adjustments while reviewing the measure in the end of December,’ he said.
      • Apple agrees it's necessary to review the way things have been done in the past and change them to fit a new world.
      • Comments and views will be received up until June 13, when the agency will review the map and make any necessary changes in the light of public feedback.
      • Here at hecklerspray, it's our responsibility to assess and review advertisements, especially the ones that need to be pulled from the air.
      • Sykes said that groups can normally expect to wait three weeks to have their survey reviewed.
      • The institute currently is reviewing proposals.
      • The council says it has no intention of reviewing the decision.

    • 1.2(reconsider)

      (case/policy) reconsiderar
      (case/policy) reexaminar
      (salary) reajustar
      • That is why it appears that this particular case with Mr Ferdinands and the penalty imposed by the Commissioner is not a matter that can be reviewed by the District Court.
      • Governor Pataki has filed an appeal, and an appellate court will review the CFE case in October.
      • And, for the sake of comparison, I couldn't find any reference to the US Supreme Court reviewing mandatory sentencing laws either.
      • His case was reviewed at the High Court in Glasgow on Monday to comply with European legislation, which states that murderers must know how much time must be served before they can apply for parole.
      • Last week, the Supreme Court decided to review the Adarand case yet again.
      • The prison warden in this case will undoubtedly ask the Supreme Court to review this case.
      • Japan may extradite its nationals to a country with which it has such a treaty only after the case is reviewed by the Tokyo High Court and at the government's discretion.
      • An appellate or reviewing Court will set aside a decision affected by bias.
      • However, where an administrative body originally exercised the power to deprive people of their liberty, they must have the right to have their case reviewed by a court.
      • That is why there is an urgent need to review this case and submit all the facts to an independent inquiry.
      • His decision is stayed until the state supreme court reviews the case.
      • When Soviet authorities reviewed his case before a special tribunal in 1956, they shortened his sentence to time already served.
      • The Court may have declined to review the case because its outcome seemed to be determined by recent Court precedents.
      • The defense lawyers will ask the Ohio Supreme Court to review the case.
      • Here in the High Court I am begging that my case be reviewed again because I cannot return to my country.
      • Following conviction, an accused person must have the right to have the sentence and conviction reviewed by a higher tribunal or court, according to law.
      • Of the roughly 28,000 appellate court decisions made each year, only 80 to 90 are reviewed by the Supreme Court.
      • The court is only authorized to review cases if it is presented with new facts or proof of innocence.
      • The US Supreme Court declined to review her case and her last resort is the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board.
      • But what to do about people who had already been sentenced under the old scheme, and whose sentences were now being reviewed via habeas corpus?

  • 2

    • 2.1(summarize)

      (events/news) resumir
      (news/events) reseñar
      • He also reviewed 130 publications and wrote 10 memorials.
      • Tyree's earlier work has been reviewed in well-regarded publications such as Kirkus Book Review and Publisher's Weekly.
      • There are so many aspects to consider when reviewing a film, that the plot is probably the least important.
      • So, obviously, he makes sure that he reviews the books written by everybody else in the newspaper racket, just to ensure that he gets a favourable reception when it comes round to his own book-plugging time.
      • And I became interested in book reviewing, in writing the entertaining or amusing review, in the construction of reviews and essays.
      • After a stint reviewing books for the Library Journal magazine, Pearl tired of being a critic.
      • They found that 72 percent of all books reviewed were written by men and that men comprised two-thirds of the reviewers.
      • The Tech Zone reviews the Card Cooler XT, which you can own in exchange for 34 of your US dollars.
      • In her naiveté she had thought that all serious books were reviewed in the major newspapers, especially The New York Times.
      • Senior Editor Doris Hering has been writing and reviewing for Dance Magazine since 1946.
      • Pilger's book has been reviewed just twice in national newspapers, in the Guardian and Independent.
      • He began reviewing for small gay newspapers and now writes for Harper's, Salmagundi, The Antioch Review and Newsday.
      • For he was neither a trained academic with a Ph.D., nor simply a journalist who reviewed new books or wrote about current events.
      • Berkeley astrophysicist Joseph Silk got a jab in while reviewing a popular book Thorne had written on general relativity.
      • Back in April, I reviewed Volume 8 in Paramount's ongoing DVD series.
      • The Gazette reviews the plays and talks to two youngsters who have shared in their success.
      • The children, all between 10 and 16 were given an introduction on film appreciation and how a film should be critically reviewed.
      • But here's the caveat: Not all books written by newspaper reporters should be reviewed.
      • One reason that avant-garde film wasn't reviewed in newspapers during my time as a critic had to do with the avant-garde film world.
      • Anyway, that's what it must be like to review a film critical of your boss for the newspaper your boss owns and operates.

    • 2.2(criticize)

      (play/book) reseñar
      (play/book) hacer la crítica de
      (play/book) escribir la crítica de

  • 3

    (troops) pasar revista a
    • In 1915, Brigadier General Abbot reviewed the Bradford City Volunteers.
    • She reviewed three combined military civilian units, who move into the violent areas once the insurgents are gone, trying to quickly establish order there.
    • Today, the Queen reviews the Fleet (presumably both the Red and the Blue bits).
    • The phantasmagoria includes a scene depicting the French emperor reviewing an army of hideous demons.
    • General Pershing inspected and reviewed the 42nd Division on March 16.
  • 4EEUU

    (for exam)
    • The program uses thousands of slides that are reviewed by a wide variety of practicing cytotechnologists and cytopathologists in a variety of practice settings.
    • Or is the world a place where our death is viewed and reviewed under the reality of the cross of Christ?
    • Postmortem examinations were conducted to an agreed protocol and reviewed by independent paediatric pathologists.
    • Each month, following the ADASP recommendations, cases were randomly selected and reviewed by 1 pathologist.
    • We will definitely be viewing and reviewing more of these superb birding videos, starting with the double DVD, Watching Sparrows.
    • Additionally, all gross examinations performed by nonpathologist individuals must be reviewed by a pathologist.
    • The costs involved in reviewing surgical pathology slides are outweighed by the potential cost of unnecessary or erroneous treatment.
    • Our view, having reviewed all the material, is that judgments went to (although not beyond) the outer limits of the intelligence available.
    • I did not remember a hood being on the gun until I reviewed the pictures taken before going to the range.
    • Cases were randomly selected and reviewed by one pathologist.
    • Four experienced pathologists reviewed all NHL diagnoses and classified them according to the working formulation for NHL.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (work as critic)
    she reviews for the Seattle Post es crítica de arte (or de cine etc.) del Seattle Post
  • 2EEUU

    (for exam)