Traducción de reviewer en Español:


crítico, n.

Pronunciación /rɪˈvjuːə//rəˈvjuər/


  • 1

    crítico masculino
    crítica femenino
    • One reviewer has compared reading Furst to watching Casablanca for the first time.
    • There's hell to pay if moviegoers waste their money on films that a reviewer has acclaimed.
    • As one witty film reviewer remarked, most heroes need a cape, but Hellboy needs a hug.
    • After all, the author you excoriate today might be the reviewer of your book tomorrow.
    • The only note of caution voiced by one reviewer was whether the film had universal appeal to cinema audiences.
    • I am an author and book reviewer, and my site honors veterans of many wars from many eras.
    • The book includes a review of each play written by a different reviewer after it was performed.
    • In the absence of payment, amateur reviewers write overwhelmingly about topics they love.
    • So it was with trepidation that your humble reviewer handed the book to his twelve-year-old sister for her verdict.
    • Every year, the Independent on Sunday asks its reviewers to name their books of the year.
    • The reviewer writes about a silly question asked by a British interviewer.
    • Everyone's a critic, but only reviewers get to broadcast their opinions beyond earshot.
    • The reviewer would want this book on his bookshelf as a reference on any number of topics.
    • The general picture is good, according to reviewer Van Smith the system gives a decent sound for the price.
    • The leading reviewers have written hundreds of reviews and received tens of thousands of votes.
    • The reviewer parts company with Malia's view of Russia under communism as a kind of second Red tartar yoke.
    • Nor is it the intention of this reviewer to compare the translation with those of other equally eminent scholars.
    • So, shocking as it may seem, the truth is that some reviewers skip some books.
    • BBC film got three different reviewers to examine the three Scream movies.
    • And as a final comment, I want to make it clear that spitting at book reviewers is not nice.