Traducción de revivalism en Español:


evangelismo, n.

Pronunciación /rəˈvaɪvəˌlɪzəm//rɪˈvʌɪv(ə)lɪz(ə)m/



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    evangelismo masculino
    • As my ailing father spoke of this background, he had come to embrace his Marrano heritage and the Sephardic revivalism that had become part of contemporary Jewish-American culture.
    • Writing with pronounced respect and admiration for the preacher, colored by a serious concern about method, Morrison offered an unusually astute and critical analysis of American revivalism.
    • In this, he resisted the movement toward Islamic revivalism that began to take root following Israel's victory in the 1967 war.
    • In a larger practical sense, however, evangelical revivalism shared basically Unitarian assumptions about the moral autonomy of children.
    • Adding to the concern of Muslim observers, the Javanese Hindu movement is part of a wider national phenomenon of Hindu revivalism and expansion.
    • In particular, the high-church tradition of the Christian Reformed Church looks skeptically on revivalism and independent Congregationalism.
    • My impression is that he tends to see the world through the glasses which his hosts have selected for him, for example, by adopting the Indian Communist view of Hindu revivalism without getting to know it first-hand.
    • Raised during the period of New England revivalism, she refused to make her public confession of faith, and by the age of thirty, she had stopped attending church services altogether.
    • The Methodist bishops refused to tolerate grass-roots revivalism within the ranks and ejected the most active proponents of Holiness just as the Wesley brothers had been ejected by the Anglican establishment a century before.
    • We simply don't know how Islamic culture will evolve; it will probably not be along paths that we project from our own experience, such as European secularization or American revivalism.
    • The first of early Crusades were part of a religious revivalism.
    • Its doctrines were those of evangelical revivalism: sin, conversion, justification by faith, hell, and heaven.
    • Indeed, in the colonial period, countershifts, with various forms of revivalism of the Shakti cult, were observed.
    • Furthermore, this form of revivalism is often linked to a call for action which has not merely conservative or traditionalist implications.
    • Our society has been moving toward both the laissez-faire capitalism and puritanical fundamentalist revivalism of the nineteenth century in recent years.
    • When he turned to the American scene, Latourette reported Baptist growth through revivalism and emphasized conscious conversion and frontier preachers who spoke the language of the people.
    • When charismatic revivalism reaches as far and wide as the Coptic church in Ethiopia, the Catholic church in India, and the Orthodox church in Romania, then we can confidently say that the phenomenon is a global Christian one.
    • In the 1930s, the supporters of Buddhist revivalism openly sympathised with Nazi Germany and Hitler's racial theories of Aryan supremacy.
    • It is about Catholic revivalism during the early modern era, yet the point Chatellier is making is that this revivalism is best understood by reference to medieval models of religious enthusiasm.
    • Based on preliminary ethnographic research in five Javanese communities with major Hindu temples, I explore the political history and social dynamics of Hindu revivalism.