Traducción de revolutionary en Español:


revolucionario, adj.

Pronunciación /rɛvəˈluːʃ(ə)n(ə)ri//ˌrɛvəˈluʃəˌnɛri/


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    (radically different)
    (idea/design/system) revolucionario
    • That appointment was revolutionary, for never in its more than one hundred years in St Lucia had a native son held the top job.
    • By focusing on the superficial, they missed what is truly revolutionary about the game.
    • Sounds awful touchy-feely, but sometimes the most revolutionary ideas are touchy-feely.
    • Why are you so convinced that his new work will be so revolutionary?
    • I'd heard that it was a science fiction classic, with revolutionary ideas about free love and community.
    • Later, after the move to London, the revolutionary changes in publishing technology, there was no longer any such cause.
    • Through a revolutionary computer mock-up of the development potential tenants can now take a virtual tour of the building.
    • Mr Carroll and his colleagues recently spoke of their work at a meeting in London and the revolutionary approach left a huge impression.
    • I think it's going to be quite revolutionary in the corporate world.
    • The reforms that started in 1991, are bringing in more and more revolutionary changes.
    • Most farmers are really interested in innovation, but automatic milking might seem too revolutionary.
    • And the most revolutionary changes are taking place in the field of education.
    • Can rap be reformed to become a truly revolutionary cultural movement?
    • Yoko Ltd manufactures a revolutionary bonnet which is designed to make life more comfortable for premature babies.
    • Doctors in Britain are set to start trials of a revolutionary treatment for heart disease using stem cells, it emerged yesterday.
    • And they had a more revolutionary idea: They might help patients recover from relapses once they happened.
    • They started painting outdoors, which itself was considered to be quite revolutionary.
    • In fact, he thought, their hostility was often proof of the revolutionary nature of his ideas.
    • Electronic B2B services seem revolutionary, but in fact they are really nothing new.
    • While a video might not seem revolutionary, the execution was.
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    (army/leader) revolucionario
    • Within the class, only the ‘alienated’ worker is truly revolutionary.
    • Later the revolutionary government concurred and the place was razed.
    • Radical coups introduce potentially revolutionary changes into society and place members of the armed forces into positions of unquestioned control.
    • He became a revolutionary socialist when he was a young journalist working on Scotland's Daily Record.
    • Calle San Sebastian still heaves, though the revolutionary fervour seems to have evaporated.
    • The idea of embarking upon yet more revolutionary upheaval seemed anathema.
    • Last but not least was the fact that the revolutionary movements were isolated internationally.
    • Wilson made his address primarily in response to the revolutionary upheaval in Russia.
    • Two hundred years ago, revolutionary fervour burnt this church to the ground.
    • Even revolutionary politics may be articulated in terms of constitutional categories.
    • He became a political activist in the mid-1950s when revolutionary socialism faced a double challenge.
    • He warns that revolutionary struggle is difficult, but that winning is ‘the hardest of all’.
    • Will new wars result or new revolutionary movements?
    • Epidemic smallpox surfaced first in Boston, that hotbed of revolutionary fervor.
    • A wave of revolutionary fervour swept across Europe affecting the Fife coalfields powerfully.
    • Both forces styled themselves as revolutionary armies on the Soviet model.
    • She finally leaves her family to join a revolutionary theatre group.
    • Brion was by no means the only pundit predicting some form of revolutionary upheaval.
    • From the beginning of the wars he had been puzzling over the performance of the French revolutionary armies.
    • In fact, they were acting not as revolutionary socialists but as mere trade unionists.

nombrePlural revolutionaries

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    revolucionario masculino
    revolucionaria femenino