Traducción de reward en Español:


recompensa, n.

Pronunciación /rəˈwɔrd//rɪˈwɔːd/


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    recompensa femenino
    after all I've done for you, is this my reward? ¿así es como me pagas todo lo que he hecho por ti?
    • the financial rewards are very attractive desde el punto de vista económico bien vale la pena
    • seeing you happy is reward enough con verte contento ya me doy por pagado
    • your reward will be in heaven Dios te lo pagará
    • teaching has its rewards la enseñanza puede ser gratificante
    • as a reward, they were allowed to go out como premio los dejaron salir
    • Since June I have visited many bases and units and have heard from many of you as to how we can do our jobs better, be better recognised for effort and enjoy suitable reward for service.
    • Three and four-day walks respectively, each provide rich rewards for efforts spent.
    • Boyden remembers hearing that when Pegahmagabow returned to Canada, he was made a conquering hero before the promises of rewards for hard service evaporated.
    • Although the only prize on offer at Olympia was an olive wreath, it is known that victors commonly received other more lucrative rewards when returning to their home city.
    • They gave her a red envelope with 100 New Taiwan dollars as both a traditional Chinese New Year gift and a reward for her good behaviour.
    • The last shot of the film is a front-page photograph of the two women hand in hand, triumphantly waving their reward cheque in return for the recovery of the priceless Nefertiti earrings.
    • The policy involves students getting rewards for good behaviour, culminating in a school trip to a theme park for all those who get the required number of credits.
    • At the same time, those who render meritorious service should be given due recognition with fitting rewards.
    • Despite the hard work, government service has its own rewards, says Yorac.
    • Councillor Sultan Ali said other authorities were reaping the rewards of using counselling services with children.
    • Solomon Linda's descendants are still waiting for rewards and recognition for his talents.
    • Both employees received an all-expenses paid holiday to Barbados as a reward for their efforts.
    • Good leaders create opportunities to provide rewards, recognition and thanks to staff members.
    • Labour leader Councillor Stuart King argued for a competitive scheme in which estates would fight to recycle the most in return for financial rewards.
    • We hope that both the students and their class heads enjoy this day away from the normal school routine, which is one of the rewards for good behaviour under the positive learning programme.
    • The system even provides students with computer games as rewards for effort and achievement.
    • As a reward for their efforts, the school was awarded Arts Mark Gold, a top award from the Arts Council, for its excellent provision in arts.
    • But I am now reaping the rewards of this effort in this trip.
    • Gavin gets little treats as a reward for good behaviour.
    • Efforts to reconfigure services will see as yet unspecified financial rewards for services that deliver.
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    (sum of money)
    recompensa femenino
    to offer/get a reward ofrecer/recibir una recompensa
    • Several handsome rewards were offered for information leading to the arrest of the Monkey Man.
    • It claims there have been 455 cases of vandalism, half of them in New York, and is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of workers.
    • He was hoping that the R5000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the killings will bring witnesses forward.
    • Boodle & Dunthorne is also offering a £50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the criminals.
    • Despite several appeals, including the offer of a cash reward for information, police have not yet caught his killer or killers, although they say the net is closing in.
    • Securicor chiefs have offered the cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the thieves.
    • While Russia has offered rewards before for information on the rebels' whereabouts, the reward offered yesterday was by far the biggest yet.
    • There have been no arrests and police are set to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.
    • Police are offering rewards for any information about the vigilante, the hostage, or the robber.
    • Surrey Police offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of Reed in January this year.
    • The Royal Bank of Scotland today offered a £15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the two robbers.
    • Securicor are offering a reward for information leading to the capture of the robbers.
    • Defenders is offering rewards for information leading to the conviction of the persons responsible for all of these acts.
    • The scheme, managed by Crimestoppers, will offer the cash rewards for information leading to charges for criminal damage.
    • The charge came just hours after Crimestoppers announced it was offering its biggest-ever reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killers.
    • Prior to passage of the law, a grey area existed where law enforcement officials offered rewards to members of crime organizations in exchange for tips on criminal activities.
    • Offering a cash reward to capture criminals is a good idea.
    • Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards for such information.
    • Last week police offered a R20000 reward for information leading to finding Liyabona.
    • Lady DuBay offered fabulous rewards for any information regarding traitors.

verbo transitivo

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    she rewarded him with a smile lo premió con una sonrisa
    • their efforts were rewarded sus esfuerzos se vieron recompensados / premiados
    • Still, insiders say that Perenchio rewards the good years with hefty bonuses, paying $30 million out of his own pocket three years ago.
    • Packing was an occupation that rewarded innate qualities and paid little regard to status or civility.
    • Light heavyweights don't typically win the overall because bodybuilding tends to reward size above all other physique parameters.
    • Both see a system that doesn't reward quality, whether it's apples grown with Integrated Pest Management or tender lean beef.
    • On top of that, the government rewards the years of income that a graduate has sacrificed to study by making HECS debt the first call on a graduate's income.
    • These are all reasons why some old varieties have fallen aside, doomed in a modern market place that seems to reward size, looks and shelf life.
    • Amid those campaigning for Maloney and Boyd, there are a sizeable number of players who would prefer to reward the goal tally and skills of Hearts' Rudi Skacel.
    • Tactically, bear market rallies reward buyers of low quality stocks, which tend to be highly geared and react sharply to such short-lived momentum.
    • In the short-term, the stock market will reward stocks, but Wednesday's Institute for Supply Management's gauge will look at manufacturing strength.
    • Set-pieces, potentially important at a venue which doesn't reward width, will be among the priorities when the squad gather in Hamilton tomorrow.
    • Texas cattle feeder Michael Bezner chuckles when he hears that Excel rewards quality beef with better prices.
    • St Lucia will be on display for the cricketing world - a world that shuns mediocrity, that rewards quality and class.
    • That is not something the political process is designed to reward these days.
    • Therefore, I believe we have to reward investments in technology, we have to reward quality.
    • Mr Fallon said IFA was fully committed to the introduction of a lamb quality assurance scheme which would properly reward producers for quality production.
    • Rather than simply rewarding kills, the system rewards the amount you heal your teammates, vehicles repaired, assists for kills, base defends… the list goes on.
    • The International Food And Beverage Creative Excellence Awards were set up six years ago to reward quality creative work done for clients in the food industry.
    • To help encourage people to have children, and to help them better afford quality childcare and to reward the investment they make in society, parents should be given a tax cut.
    • Glanbia Agribusiness wishes to highlight and reward the excellent quality of the malting barley supplied by its growers.
    • And again unbalances the alleged reason for the awards… to reward quality, not hype.
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    (with money)
    the finder will be rewarded se recompensará / se dará una recompensa a quien lo encuentre
    • The ascent has to be achieved on the first day and is rewarded on the second day with a spectacular sunrise and panoramic view of Costa Rica.
    • His inexperience as a racing driver is set to be rewarded on the show as he receives an award in the next couple of weeks.
    • You could be rewarded by seeking more information before you take a chance.
    • If you guess right, you could well be rewarded by some handsome returns.
    • Today, the discriminating traveller will still be well rewarded by a summer holiday in this area.
    • There has been a lot of teamwork and trust and that deserves to be rewarded by having new investment.
    • Another advantage is that good behaviour is rewarded as permits that are not needed may be sold.
    • In turn, it shows how religious values inspire behavior not rewarded by the market or state.
    • Watsonians' resurgence was finally rewarded by a thoroughly deserved try by centre Colin Gregor.
    • He has been rewarded by healthy box-office returns in America, where the film opened last month.
    • In my opinion this sort of arrogance deserves to be rewarded by denying parole.
    • At the beach, she prayed to God, demanding that their faith be rewarded by the return of Bing.
    • The fans that have supported him during the recent bleak seasons deserved to be rewarded by a further six months.