Traducción de rework en Español:


utilizar una adaptación de, v.

Pronunciación /riːˈwəːk//riˈwərk/

verbo transitivo

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    (use in altered form)
    utilizar una adaptación de
    • Unless one ignores or reworks Orwell's definition of the term, it is false to describe him as an ‘ex-socialist.’
    • The need to rework the product mix in each outlet suggests the underlying customer focus could be more finely tuned.
    • Over the next few years, the operating system was reworked several times, with some vital features added.
    • Oxford reached the top last year after the rankings system was reworked to take account for the balance of arts and science within the universities.
    • It was only after Gray reworked the book and retitled it that it became the bestselling pop psychology book of all time.
    • The trick is to take the idea and expand upon it or rework it or otherwise alter it in some way so that it is transformed from their idea to your idea.
    • The heavily reworked manuscript of the chapter, entitled Eumaeus, was bought by a private collector.
    • He reworks sound and video movement to produce alternative historical narratives.
    • The reconstructed summary reworks the opinion into forceful testimony about Gray's ghostly presence in his co-defendant's confession.
    • Not content with redesigning Wired News, Bowman has reworked his own site with CSS and XHTML.
    • And Julie Copeland speaks to Indian artist Nalini Malani in Brisbane, whose timely installation reworks Hindu myth to reflect India's terrible, contemporary conflicts.
    • Auber's Manon Lescaut reworks Prévost's novel about the nymphet who hurtles to self-destruction when love comes into conflict with her yearning for the high life, which can only be purchased with her body.
    • Key figures - a woman with outstretched arms, a bull, an agonized horse - are refined in sketch after sketch, then transferred to the capacious canvas, which he also reworks several times.
    • She has now reworked it and sold the publishing rights for £2.8m, the highest ever for a children's book debut.
    • This time it's completely reworked and it actually makes the movie look good.
    • The dialogue seems spontaneous, though Hawke, Delpy and Linklater spent months refining and reworking it.
    • In fact, one gets the impression that these pieces are reworked articles from the magazine, though the book does not state this.
    • I had worked and reworked the speech at home before going to set, trying it different ways until I felt I was getting it right.
    • In January 2002, during his State of the Union address, Bush's economic strategy was reworked.
    • Stallone has been trying to make a sixth movie for years and has been reworking a script.
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