Traducción de rhapsody en Español:


rapsodia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrapsədi//ˈræpsədi/

nombrePlural rhapsodies

  • 1

    rapsodia femenino
    • Wider success came with the orchestral rhapsody España, composed after a visit to Spain in 1882, which remains his best-known work.
    • The strange songs he would sing during his morning shower were a constant source of bemusement to all who had the luxury of hearing his rhapsody.
    • As in the rhapsody, Hadley's music makes its subject appear with utter clarity in the mind's eye.
    • Small's score turns into a gloppy Middle-European rhapsody as she walks into the old man's office in a shining black metallic gown and feather boa.
    • Being Sunday, several families were on the Necklace Road to take in the classical rhapsodies.
  • 2

    to go into rhapsodies over / about sth extasiarse hablando de algo